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To be shocked there is no ceasefire?

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ButtonMoon5 · 26/01/2024 01:37

AIBU to be in disbelief that the international community is unable to put an end to this latest Palestine- Israeli conflict? How has humanity failed so terribly?

I was upset by the attack by Hamas that took place on the 7th of October where 1200 Israelis lost their lives. But allowing 25000 + Palestinians to be killed by Israel since then is horrific, half of them are children! What is going on?!

Hospitals, schools and refugee camps bombed, surgery including c sections happening without anaesthetic, mass starvation... all taking place right now and nothing can be done? Really?

Why is our government not condemning this?

I feel disillusioned about the world we live in. How are we ever going to say 'never again' when the fact is it will happen again and is happening right now 😔

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