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Tired of being the organiser

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Catsandcuddles · 25/01/2024 21:28

Just that really, I have a group of friends and we've been good friends for years. We try and get together but everyone is always so busy so whenever we try to plan something it is always a bit of nightmare agreeing on a mutual date.

For years I've been the planner in the group. Every year I organise a UK break for us, husbands and the kids. I do all the research of the parks , things to do near by etc, find out the costs of each room type. They are always grateful but I don't think they realise how much time and effort it takes. Then it is generally me who tries to organise a night out, takeaways at home , playdates during half terms etc.

Anyway about 6 months ago I decided to take a step back, i guess i had had enough of all the planning, time it took etc. I've barely seen any of them. A couple of the girls have tried to organise things during that time but nothing has materialised. I'm tempted to start planning again as I feel like I'll barely see them but at the same time I don't see why it should come down to me everytime.

Just wondering if anyone else has gone though this, did you just accept it for what it is? I still have a good social life with my family and go out for nice meals with my partner etc so it's not like i don't have anything fun going on , but miss those nights out with my friends!

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Throwawayaccountonaccountofthis · 25/01/2024 22:58

A couple of the girls have tried to organise things during that time but nothing has materialised.
Some people just don’t have the knack.
It sounds like you are really successful at organising things, and you enjoy seeing them all, if you are missing them why not just organise something? Maybe organise a get together and when you do meet just mention how you were feeling.

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