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to ask for some kind of trauma therapy in an EHCP?

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exhaus · 24/01/2024 23:06

anyone had any experience getting any therapy for anxiety in an EHCP?

DS has crippling anxiety since joining a secondary school with a whole list of undiagnosed SEND. The anxiety is now so bad it overshadows that long list of diagnosis he's since had so seems reasonable to assume the EHCP would include something to address that problem. FTR CAMHS and school and other therapists have not been able to use a CBT structure while working with him, so I think he needs another kind of therapy. Equine? EMDR?

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Sisiwawa · 24/01/2024 23:25

It's not uncommon to request this, you could ask for a set amount of sessions ,i.e. 12 or however many you think would assist, that way they can calculate the cost, rather than agreeing to a potential ongoing high cost therapy. You may need the written backing of a clinical psychologist or similar to explain why its needed, how it would benefit etc. Or I think you can request a budget to pay for it.
Get a good professional report mentioning it and they then can't dispute it, as it's from a specialist. On Facebook, there's a group called Operation Diversity, who are v helpful and knowledgeable about EHCPs. Good luck!

lovelysoap · 24/01/2024 23:25

Yes you can ask for a mental health plan to be included. It is a health and care plan as well as education.

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