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To ask if you're ADHD or autistic, how do you stop/reduce burnout?

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maybeneurodiv · 23/01/2024 20:51

I've name changed for this, but have recently discovered that it is likely that I am neurodivergent. I'm not sure if it's autism or ADHD or if I'm even ready to admit it to myself properly or go to the GP but I'm struggling massively with a cycle of burning out.

I wondered if you have ADHD or autism how you help yourself with this?

OP posts:
MiracleMumm · 24/01/2024 15:53

I’m diagnosed ADHD and burnout is something I suffer from. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes results in complete shutdown. I find carving out little rest periods during the day really help. It can be a tiny 3 minutes, somewhere quiet (usually my car) while I just breathe slowly. It has to involve something that keeps my focus, but ideally avoiding anything social media/scrolling-based. I find these moments help restore me in readiness to tackle day-to-day stuff that comes much more easily for neurotypical folks. Look up Spoon Theory. It really helped me understand why I feel so paralysed sometimes.

TheSnowyOwl · 24/01/2024 16:06

I agree about the spoon theory but also do you have transition periods in between things so everything is a little calmer and manageable?

itchingbleedingmess · 24/01/2024 22:44

Plan everything to within an inch and accept that I only get a one thing done most days

Alphabet1spaghetti2 · 24/01/2024 22:51

Just roll with it most of the time. I either “fly or I die” according to family. I do try to smooth out the all or nothing burnout by attempting to nag myself into pacing myself. It is who I am and has been a trait which has come in extremely handy at times. Trying to fit into everyone’s else’s norms just make things worse.

snowwhiteturtledoves · 24/01/2024 22:53

Do a daily errand in the morning.

This gives routine, a bit of exercise, I leave the house, and chip away at the overwhelming mountain of stuff that needs to be done. .Morning exercise has most impact on health (by exercise I mean leaving the house!).

I am chronically exhausted and burned out but this does help manage it.

familyissues12345 · 24/01/2024 22:53

Interested in the replies to this thread. Not diagnosed, but I've suspected for a while that I may have ADHD (highlighted by suspicion that DS2 also has it, it's made me research!)

I'm in a job that I often feel quite overwhelmed in. It's only part time at 16 hours a week, but it's a full on "plate spinning" kind of job. Out and about, little time sat in an office kind of job. Some weeks it sends my brain into overdrive, and it doesn't matter what I do, I can never be organised enough to feel in control.

Recently I've been feeling like I'm slowly burning out. I've been in the role for nearly 2 years and wonder how much longer I can carry on..

Whatyoutalkingabouteh · 24/01/2024 22:54

I have seen the pomodoro technique being recommended in ADHD assessments as a way of breaking the working day up into intervals to help with time management.

youcandanceifyouwanna · 24/01/2024 22:58

sounds like a cliche but I go for a walk, outside, at lunchtime.

Pigeonqueen · 24/01/2024 23:08

I have accepted that I can’t work- I’m not saying this is the same for everyone but it’s just too much for me. The stress, the people, the worrying about it all. It makes me seriously mentally unwell. I stopped working when I was 32 - thankfully (or unluckily) I also have a lot of physical health issues which mean I’m on the highest rates of PIP indefinitely so I can just about manage. Not rich by any means. Just struggling but still better than trying to work.

I need a lot of time alone. Ds (11) has severe and complex autism and attends specialist school and dh has bipolar but works. So I’m at home on my own a lot. I need that. I usually go out for a lot of walks (when my physical health allows it), I watch a lot of tv (things that interest me, I go down into rabbit holes of special interests- currently the Andes plane crash, watched the Netflix film and now working my way through various books etc). I can’t cope with friends. Too stressful. So I just amuse myself at home and I need that. If people demand too much of me it causes me to completely shut down.

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