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Was age 1-2 or 2-3 harder for you??!

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Buttonsilbet · 23/01/2024 16:19

Just that, really. I’m struggling a teeeny bit!

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Snowdropsareontheirway · 23/01/2024 16:20

1-2 with DD1 and 2-3 with DD2!

Whatever it is, it will be a phase.

SomethingBlues · 23/01/2024 16:20

2-3 has been harder than 1-2 for me. She’s immensely high energy and very strong willed. I’m hoping that school will help a bit and give her an outlet because I’m with you - I’m struggling a bit with it all. Solidarity!

Makeitmakesensetoday · 23/01/2024 16:21

All of those ages have their challenges. 2-3 is probably harder but I also prefer it as they can walk and talk, tell me what they want/don't want/can be reasoned with etc.

IgnoranceNotOk · 23/01/2024 16:22

1-2 with DS1, 3-4 with DS2!

Poudretteite · 23/01/2024 16:22

Every child is different
If you're struggling now this is probably the hard bit and the next will be easier

Buttonsilbet · 23/01/2024 16:23

dd isn’t even hard and I know it. It’s just me, I’m not great at being a mum. I hope I will be better when she is less needy. I really am finding it tough.

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DrinkFeckArseBrick · 23/01/2024 16:25

I found 1-2 harder. The not knowing what's wrong with them, why they're crying, not sleeping, not yet being able to 'play' etc..

tulipsunday · 23/01/2024 16:30

1-2 harder personally. Having to keep more of an eye as less steady on their feet. Language less developed. Found playing with them more interesting as they got older and the day passed quicker.

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 23/01/2024 16:30

1-3 the whole 2 years!
sorry but I found the whole age they were mobile but less communicative so hard! I practically burst when my youngest turned 3

IgnoranceNotOk · 23/01/2024 16:31

Buttonsilbet · 23/01/2024 16:23

dd isn’t even hard and I know it. It’s just me, I’m not great at being a mum. I hope I will be better when she is less needy. I really am finding it tough.

Don’t be too hard on yourself - it is hard and we all imagine we should be loving every moment and it’s all perfect and it’s not!

How old is DD?

mine are easier and easier the older they get and they’re 4&5.

I can now look back at the baby photos all gooey but I didn’t enjoy the early years like I thought I would!

MooseBreath · 23/01/2024 16:32

DS1 is 3.5 and is now relatively easy. He was colicky, a poor sleeper, and clingy as a baby (this was his most difficult phase so far). From 1-2 he was very particular in what he wanted and could be difficult as he couldn't be reasoned with, but it was easier than baby because at least he slept. From 2-3 he could communicate really well and it became a lot easier except for the tantrums and purposely contrary behaviour, but again easier than younger ages.

DS2 is 15 months. He was a dream baby, and honestly, I didn't know babies could be so easygoing. That is now gone. He is a little hellion and is super mischievous, but his smile and cuddly nature helps tolerate the difficulties. I have a feeling he will be a difficult toddler and preschooler.

They're all different. If you're worried, about being a bad mum, you're already doing well. Bad mums don't worry about being crap.

DontGoGran · 23/01/2024 16:32

DD is 2.5, I found 1-2 more difficult than 2-3 (so far), because she can tell me what she wants and needs much better now.

GrouchyKiwi · 23/01/2024 16:32

2-3 harder of those age ranges, but 4 was the absolute worst with all three of mine. The Fucking Fours was absolutely correct.

DominoRules · 23/01/2024 16:33

1-2 for both of mine - hardest year so far and they’re nearly 14 and 16 now

Makeitmakesensetoday · 23/01/2024 17:02

Buttonsilbet · 23/01/2024 16:23

dd isn’t even hard and I know it. It’s just me, I’m not great at being a mum. I hope I will be better when she is less needy. I really am finding it tough.

Aw well stop that thought right now. You know what they say - if you doubt you're a good parent you're already a good one for even wondering! Chin up.

MuchTooTired · 23/01/2024 17:08

2-4 was a complete shit show with my DTs. Before 2 and after they turned 4 (and onwards!) was/is a piece of cake compared to that 2 year period.

DanceMumTaxi · 23/01/2024 17:09

Everything up to about 4. I just didn’t enjoy the baby/toddler years at all. Neither were good sleepers and that just made it all more difficult. They’re 8 & 11 now and I love being a mum. It’s so hard with little ones, but it does get easier.

BarnacleBeasley · 23/01/2024 17:21

Somewhere between 1 and 2 DS was so charming we thought 'children are hilarious, let's have another one!' He's still lovely at 2.5 but I'm not convinced we'd have been as enthusiastic about having a second if we were deciding now!

Tomorrowtomorrow77 · 23/01/2024 17:24

Honestly 0-1 was the hardest. 1-2 and then 2-3 was easy breezy in comparison to the shock of parenthood!

Changedmymind99 · 23/01/2024 17:26

2-3! I think I assumed the 1-2 year would pass so I got on with it! But it got worst 2-3. Not a fan of the toddler years. I loved the baby phase.

SnowsFalling · 23/01/2024 17:29

0-1 was harder than both of those.
They got easier and easier as they got bigger (with a blip potty training DS1).
They are delightful teens currently. Awaiting that to fall over - but still awaiting this magical "They will sleep later" stage too!

Overthebow · 23/01/2024 17:29

2-3 definitely. 1-2 was hard but age 2-3 was much harder.

lightelmqueen · 23/01/2024 17:33

My oldest was absolutely fine with 1-2 and 2-3, it's 5-6 that I'm finding hard!

My middle was trickier at 1-2

My youngest is currently in 2-3 stage and I feel lik I finally understand what the terrible twos are!

PollyPeep · 23/01/2024 17:39

For our eldest, 1-3 was a breeze. He never went through the terrible toddler years. We naively thought we had a unicorn child lol. Then the proverbial hit the fan from 3-5. Really difficult years. It's easing up now. Our youngest 0-2 was easy but he's definitely gearing up to be a truly terrible toddler 😂 It depends on the child. I can say though, if it's difficult now, it will get easier. You're probably in the worst patch.

ElevenSeven · 23/01/2024 17:39

1.5-2.5 is hell

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