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Parking issue #2

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Boogirlgirl · 21/01/2024 10:18

Hi I've previously posted about inconsiderate parking in my estate, specifically people parking right on the path blocking our access out of our gate.
I did have a word with neighbours and it has imprwhich is great but we currently have a massive work van parked there . Looks like it's a garden maintenance business and it has a cage like trailer on the back with all their tools etc in it. There are bits sticking out at all angles and some planks of wood nearly took my head off this morning when I was walking past. This van isn't on the path but i think it's really dangerous. I googled the company and he isn't from this town so I don't know why he's parked outside our home.
Sorry, just needed to vent!!

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Boogirlgirl · 21/01/2024 10:49

Sorry, just to add..its been there all weekend and my friend who has mobility issues couldn't park near our house so really struggled to get to us...rant over!!!

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Poachedeggs1 · 21/01/2024 11:04

If the van is parked on the road, which i assume has no parking restrictions, then what is your complaint?

mealideas2024 · 21/01/2024 11:09

Down the road from us there is a garden maintenance van that's ALWAYS parked there, though it occassionally moves a couple of metres so it must be used by someone. Also not a local company.
It's infuriating and really odd - it's not parked near to houses so a company obviously just dumps it there and then people get dropped off to come and use it when needed?? It's really strange, and it's parked on a blind corner and right by a busy junction too, so you'll start overtaking it and a car will come out of nowhere and you have to reverse, or you'll overtake as a car is pulling out of the junction. Drives me mad! But I'm not sure what we can do about it as it's taxed and MOT'd etc.
No advice but sympathy. Maybe it's a gardening thing?!!

Coconutter24 · 21/01/2024 11:13

Are they doing garden work on a nearby house? Doesn’t sound like the van is parked incorrectly and unfortunately your friend doesn’t get priority parking on a road just because she has mobility issues (unless there is a disability space and she has a blue badge but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here).

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