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Nursery being stubborn with notice period

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Amymamaoftwo · 19/01/2024 16:17

I'd love to get everyone's opinion on this because I genuinely have no idea any more.

My daughter was being hurt by a boy in nursery. I raised it several times, but the nursery staff literally brushed it off every time. 'oh she will be fine' etc etc.

It got to a point where my daughter was so distressed going in, I had to do something.

So I requested that the manager moved my daughter from one setting to another. The other setting is closer to our home, but the start time was later, which caused an issue with me starting work in the morning. But of course, my daughter's wellbeing was more important.

They were great and literally moved her the next day and agreed it would be best to do so as she was distressed during the sessions at this point.


I then asked if they'd revise the invoice accordingly as we've lost 2.5hrs each week as a result of the later start.

They've said they won't because there is a 4 week notice period we need to observe, so our invoice won't actually look any different until February.

Had they managed the issue better, maybe we would not have been forced to move her? Or am I being unreasonable?

As always, I'd appreciate everyone's honesty as I've lost all perspective on this now. Thanks

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Haveyouanyjam · 19/01/2024 17:48

I think it would be different if you had pulled her out entirely. If you are happy for her to stay with the provider and the fact they’ve moved her straight away then you can’t really argue that they should waive the notice period. They could have just said we can’t move her for four weeks and that would have been far worse.

I think under the circumstances you either accept the notice period or you don’t keep her with that provider.

Amymamaoftwo · 19/01/2024 17:57

That's an interesting perspective. Thank you, I appreciate it

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Superscientist · 19/01/2024 18:00

In our old setting we had to give 8 weeks notice for change of hours and we're liable to pay the higher rate if you changed earlier than this. If they had someone ready to fill the spot immediately they would reduce it to 4 or 6 weeks. So I wouldn't complain about 4 weeks personally especially as they have allowed you to have moved during this time! If you were moving between different nurseries could have ended up paying twice. I know it's frustrating, we had to pay when me and my daughter went into hospital for 10 weeks a week after starting nursery

LlynTegid · 19/01/2024 18:04

Perhaps the parents of the boy should be asked to pay the difference.

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