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To want to complain about neighbours security lights?

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Lauren0401 · 18/01/2024 20:40

Let me give a quick bit of background first, it’s not really a neighbour they are quite far away. The neighbour has lived in the middle nowhere basically off a country road for years and has a very large property a d business onsite , anyhow we recently moved into a new build estate which is built about 200 yards away but all between us and the neighbour in question is fields you’d have to go a more elaborate route on foot to actually get to the house.

but these lights are so so so bright they are on as soon as the sun starts to go in so before it’s even dark and on all night but we have to close our blinds they really are hard to look at they’re so bright and the lights are at least 200+ yards away so clearly super bright.

I was very polite and phoned them and he wasn’t very nice at all said his property and land is that big they need to be bright to light it all up. It’s two lights but the one on the l ft shines straight into our big back doors. Should we just close our curtains / blinds for 5 and suck it up ?

hard to show on photo how bright it really is

also to note only a few houses on the estate backs onto the house in question and I spoke to a couple neighbours and they agreed it’s a nuisance and one said they complained about all the fires he’s been having ( apparently burning rubber bike tyres) and he got very mad and basically wasn’t happy with the hassle he’s got since the houses have been built

To want to complain about neighbours security lights?
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Christmasisalmosthere · 18/01/2024 20:44

I've a similar situation and live in an extremely rural area. I can see the neighbours security lights through my blinds. It's very annoying but I doubt if there's much can be done unfortunately.
Have you tried environmental health to see what they would say

Lauren0401 · 18/01/2024 20:46

@Christmasisalmosthere thanks for your reply , very rural area here too and with our blinds closed you can still see the lights creeping in. It’s ridiculously bright it must be super powerful. I couldn’t see anything on my council website but will ring tomorrow and see what they say thank you

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Charlotteap · 18/01/2024 20:49

That looks like a very powerful light, my friend had a similar issue and like you the neighbour wasn’t very helpful so she reported it to the council and they was made to point the camera to the ground

BreakingAndBroke · 18/01/2024 20:52

You can't control what he does on his property so you need to look at solutions you can control on your property. Can you put up a screen/tree/trellis/shed at the end of your garden to block out some of the light?

hmmdunno · 18/01/2024 20:55

That’s not at all unreasonable, people should arrange their lights pointing downwards and not straight at people’s windows.

parietal · 18/01/2024 20:56

There are regulations about light pollution that confuses wild animals. Look them up for your area.

Guavafish1 · 18/01/2024 20:57

Contact your council. They should come and investigate light pollution

LordyMe · 18/01/2024 21:08

YANBU. It would annoy me a lot too. It's a shame he wouldn't even agree to changing the angle of the light.

Can't you plant a tree at the end of your garden?

2jacqi · 18/01/2024 21:14

@Lauren0401 have you thought about jigging up a mirror to reflect the light back to him or even using reflective adhesive window stuff? might annoy him right back!

Carsarelife · 18/01/2024 21:15

I would definitely complain about this to the council. See what they say

Jook · 18/01/2024 21:16

I wonder if it’s intentional because he resents the housing estate being built. The burning rubber is very anti social too. Not v helpful sorry, but I hope some of the suggestions above help you to get this sorted.

muddyford · 18/01/2024 21:19

Thank you for this thread. Local pub has a security light that is on all night. Although it is 200 yards away, the layout of the houses between mean it's a straight line into my bedroom window. I was wondering about the best way of tackling it and I am relieved it might be a council job!

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