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To get a second doctors opinion re car crash injury?

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JanuarysColdandDark · 18/01/2024 18:26

DH had a bad car accident three years ago. He was driven into at speed by another driver who veered onto his side of the road.

He suffered with back trouble anyway but since the accident he’s had trouble with his hip, NHS doctors have sent him for MRI’s, steroid injections and physio appointments and they think it’s a tear caused by the accident. He’s still on strong pain medication now and has to take a lot of time off work.

We went to Bond Turner injury solicitors after it happened. He was seen by a doctor employed by them. The doctor seemed to think he was faking it and said the injury was nothing to do with the accident and just a coincidence. DH asked for him to review it and he just dug his heels in.

We have now been told if we get a second opinion we’ll have to pay £900 and if we don’t get a second opinion the claim will go ahead but without including the hip injury.

This has been going on for years now and we’re at the end of our tether with the injustice of it all.

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LightenUpTheRideIsShort · 18/01/2024 18:38

Can you afford to lose the £900 if the second Drs findings are the same?
Would the hip injury actually add much to the pay out, and is it worth doing?
It seems very unfair and I do sympathise, I had a similar argument with an arrogant Dr after a work related injury. Thankfully my solicitor argued the findings, although I’m not sure it added much to the small payout tbh but it made me feel I was justifying my complaint, albeit a much smaller issue than your poor DH. Awful you have to fight so hard when it’s affected him so much.
Wishing you luck.

MassiveOvaryaction · 18/01/2024 18:52

Have you been told what he's likely to get without including the hip injury? Would that cover the second opinion, even if it finds the same as the first?

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