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Struggling to work out this maths HELP!

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Ncposting · 18/01/2024 16:47

Looking at going away with a friend for a family break but struggling to work out the price.

Booking a house for 3 nights for £573, we are staying the 3 nights and she is staying 2.

How much would we each be paying? It works out as £191 per night but how would we split that if she’s only staying 2 of the 3 nights?!

When you wish you’d paid attention in school….

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Flippingflamingo · 18/01/2024 16:49

Divide it in the ratio 2:3.

So £573 / 5 = £114.60

She pays 2 x £114.60 = £229.20
You pay 3 x £114.60 = £343.80

SgtJuneAckland · 18/01/2024 16:51

But why would you pay for her room for the extra night? If she wasn't going you would've hired somewhere smaller? Who decided you would be going for different durations are you extending the trip or is she cutting it short?

Florida28 · 18/01/2024 16:51

Split the cost per night then split by number of people staying will give you the rate per person per night.

How many are staying 3 nights and how many 2 nights?

AngelicInnocent · 18/01/2024 16:51

That's assuming it's just a straight share. Ie, you and her or you and partner and her and partner. If its actually you, partner, 2 kids and her, you may need to look further.

Hollyhead · 18/01/2024 16:51

/6 you pay 4/6 she pays 2/6?

how long on the final day is she staying? If heading back in the evening leaving you with the rush and clean up in the morning then I’d say 50/50 is still pretty fair.

Januarydontbecool · 18/01/2024 16:52

How many of you are there? You say “we” are staying 3 nights.

If there are 2 of you in a big room and her on her own in a small room, perhaps you should cost it per person per night rather than simply you: her.

Ncposting · 18/01/2024 16:52

It’s me my partner and son and her her partner and 2 girls!

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CorporaINobbyNobbs · 18/01/2024 16:54

So for the two nights you are all there it is 191/3 = 63.66 per night so you each pay £127.33. Then you and other friend pay 191/2 = 95.50 for the third night.

so in total 2 night friend pays £127 and you and other friend pay £223 each.

CorporaINobbyNobbs · 18/01/2024 16:55

Oh sorry I mis read and thought there were only three people going!

GreenWalls22 · 18/01/2024 16:55

It depends how it was arranged... if you agreed a 2 night break, and then you decided to stay an extra night you should be paying 3/5ths and she pays 2/5ths.

But if you all agreed mutually to go away together for a long weekend, and she decided to leave early after just 2 nights? Then you should split it 50/50.

I'd probably go with 50/50 if it's more or less equal on everything else.

Januarydontbecool · 18/01/2024 16:55

If you have two rooms each, then charge per family and I’d go with @Flippingflamingo ’s calculations, although @SgtJuneAckland makes good points, too.

Edit - in my opinion

Florida28 · 18/01/2024 16:57

I'm our family the kids don't count when splitting costs. So we would split it £191 / 4 = 47.75 pppn. Which obviously adds back up to £191 would be her share in this case.

Ponderingwindow · 18/01/2024 16:57

It’s not really a math problem, it’s a question of why are you going for different lengths and is there a minimum number of nights. Also is there a price difference if you book 2 nights vs 3.

but let’s assume that they only want 2 nights, and the rental would allow 2 nights, and you are adding an extra night and every night costs the same.

so 573/3 nights is 191.

you pay 191 for the night you are there alone and then half the remaining fee so another 191 = 382

friend pays 191

ThisOldThang · 18/01/2024 16:58

Booking a house for 3 nights for £573, we are staying the 3 nights and she is staying 2.

First divide the amount by 6 to get the cost per night per person.

£573 / 6 = £95.50

They are staying for two nights = £95.50 x 2 = £191.

You are responsible for the extra day, so you need to pay all of that.

Two nights where you split the bill
£95.50 x 2 = £191

One night where you are responsible for the whole bill:
£95.50 x 2 = £191

Your total = £382
Their bill = £191

Final check to make sure it all adds up:
Total bill = £382 + £191 = £573

Oldermum84 · 18/01/2024 17:00

Half each is fair. She's got one more person and you've got one more night. It's silly to try to work it out down to the pound when you've agreed to book the place together so it's suiting you both. If you're friends then half each.

Stanfordish · 18/01/2024 17:01

Flippingflamingo · 18/01/2024 16:49

Divide it in the ratio 2:3.

So £573 / 5 = £114.60

She pays 2 x £114.60 = £229.20
You pay 3 x £114.60 = £343.80

Exactly this.

Anything else is just bonkers nitpicking.

TimeIhadaNightCapwithSanta · 18/01/2024 17:22

How many rooms?

You could argue you have 3 people x 3 nights so 9 peoplenights, she has 4 x 2 so 8 peoplenights, therefore close enough to 50:50.

Or 60:40 as you're staying 3 nights to her 2.

I'd maybe offer a smidge over half.

MarIeyG · 19/01/2024 00:14

First reply is the only one that's right

Tinkerbyebye · 19/01/2024 00:23

Flippingflamingo · 18/01/2024 16:49

Divide it in the ratio 2:3.

So £573 / 5 = £114.60

She pays 2 x £114.60 = £229.20
You pay 3 x £114.60 = £343.80


the number of people is irrelevant this is the easiest way to work it out

MaggieFS · 19/01/2024 00:27

Totally depends on how this was arrived at.

If you were always going to go together, but you decided to add on an extra night then you need to divide it by six. You pay 4x6 and she pays 2x6.

If you had planned to go away for three nights, but had to get bigger accommodation for her to join, then she should pay the extra between this place and what a place just big enough for your family should have cost.

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