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To ask what you are enjoying in January?

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crochetmonkey74 · 18/01/2024 10:40

In an attempt ro be cheerful and see the positive, what are you enjoying in January?
It's taken me 18 days to get on track with being positive but so far I'm enjoying: Getting home and into pjs early and watching good telly, getting some early morning swims before work as my gym has lovely hot showers, finding some good bargains in some charity shops in the post Christmas period, having lovely big cups of tea at work.
January can feel a bit bleak but how are you enjoying it?

OP posts:
sorrynotathome · 18/01/2024 15:01

The first daffodils in the shops. I bought 3 bunches last weekend and they are fully out now and smelling gorgeous!

Whatsgoingonwithmyhead · 18/01/2024 15:02

Oh yes and Christmas being over is just a huge positive for me!!

MotherWol · 18/01/2024 15:11

What a lovely idea for a thread! I'm loving:
So much good tv at the moment
Booked a bunch of pilates classes at christmas and it feels good to stretch
Eating lots of clementines because they're in season and delicious
Trying to do a bit of self-care in the evenings - being consistent with my skincare, doing a hair masque etc.

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