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Take them another time?

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likearollingscone · 17/01/2024 21:20

DH is taking DC (8) to watch a footie match this Sat. It's so lovely of him to plan these trips and it's great bonding time. It's usually an 5 hour trip out with getting there and back as well.

But now we have this cold snap. It's forecast -3 where we are. They'll be sat for ages in the cold.

I've suggested he move his tickets to another date if he can. I don't think it'll be much fun for the kids after a while and they went a few weeks ago anyway.

Also training on Sun morning outside for another 3 hours.


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toastandtwo · 17/01/2024 21:22

At age 8 I’d just ask my child what they wanted to do. If they’re keen to go, it‘s not 5 hours of sitting outside and they can get hot drinks etc…

IDontLoveTheWayYouLie · 17/01/2024 21:22

What does your son want to do?

I wouldn't want to be sat out in the cold but if they're wrapped up it probably won't be too bad.

DustyLee123 · 17/01/2024 21:30

Send extra clothes and a flask of hot chocolate. A small towel to sit on, and keep your bum warm, is good too.

likearollingscone · 17/01/2024 21:43

Towel is a great idea. They could wear their football skins underneath.

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