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WWYD about loud neighbour

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noisyneighbour64 · 16/01/2024 12:20

I live in a semi detached house, my neighbour has been pretty quiet the whole time we've lived here other than when she's had a cold and puts the Tv on full blast, I usually don't say anything because it's temporary. Recently the TV has been on full blast constantly. Ive been round and it's on level 100 and the radio upstairs is also on to the highest volume. I went round on Thursday and spoke to her about it and she said she'd turn it down and she did. 2 days later it was back to the same volume so I went round and asked her to turn it down and she said fine and basically slammed the door in my face. Usually when I go round she's pleasant and I go in and have a chat. She's in her 90s and I know she's semi deaf but she has hearing aids. I've just come home and I can hear the Tv before I've even entered my house. Because she was so hostile last time i don't really want to go back over but it's SO loud I can't sit and watch my own tv because hers overrides it. Should I write a letter? I really don't know what to do.

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ButWhatAboutTheBees · 16/01/2024 12:27

Contact the council over noise dispute?
Contact Social Services because you are worried about her health - she maybe more deaf and not aware or she's going to damage her hearing from how loud it is or she's losing her faculties and doesn't remember?

Neodymium · 16/01/2024 12:35

My grandma is 90 and deaf. She has hearing aids that have a device that plugs into the tv and Bluetooth’s to her hearing aids directly. She bought it separately to her hearing aids. Maybe you could ask her if she would be open to something like that, and if so you would be happy to help her purchase / set up the system.

Haydenn · 16/01/2024 12:50

Does she have any family, friends or carers? I would approach them in the first instance just saying that you are concerned as you have noticed a change in the first instance.

I would try to not to approach her directly again about it if you can.

noisyneighbour64 · 16/01/2024 20:00

No family come to visit, she usually goes to their house when she visits and they pick her up.

Her hearing is a good point it must be so damaging! Id rather not approach her again because of how hostile she was the other day, I'll keep an eye out for family and think I'll pop a friendly note through the door if it carries on.

Thank you for the advice!

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