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to be sick of this bloody cough?

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Embelline · 15/01/2024 20:22

DS had a really good run of health in the run up to christmas apart from a cough that started in the beginning of December but it was really mild and sporadic (he's 4 and we had a terrible year in 2022 when he started nursery, he literally coughed for about 8 months straight and we had inhalers and all sorts).

After christmas he developed a cough, nothing else apart from a bit of a cold, but it got really nasty. Coughing fits all night etc, to the point where we started using his Ventolin again. I took him to GP, slight crackle on his chest, given a week of antibiotics. Got a lot better but didn't fully go. In the meantime, I got it. It feels like my throat is sticky constantly so I have to keep clearing my throat which results in the coughing fits. Nothing seems to help. I'm shattered.
DS took his last dose of antibiotics on Saturday, the cough has now started coming back. I could weep. He's currently up there coughing away, although he's sleeping through it right now.

Mine has started to get better on its own, so I was just starting to sleep again and he's been sleeping through again while he was on antibiotics. But the last two nights he's been waking again every couple of hours because he'll have a coughing fit and it will jolt him awake. He's then really upset and takes ages to settle.

I'm going to have to take him back to the GP aren't I? I'm so gutted that we might have to put him back on all the inhalers, or that this cough might turn into a chronic one like we had before as it was hellish for all of us.
Sorry, for the long post, just needed a rant. I've heard rumours of a 100 day cough which doesn't bode well, hoping it's not that!

Anyone else suffering? Misery loves company, join me!

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DustyLee123 · 15/01/2024 21:34

Does he have a steroid inhaler?

Embelline · 15/01/2024 22:04

He did up until last year, we still have it from he came off it in August under paediatrician advice as he had been cough free all year and hadn’t had any wheezing or anything like that.
he had some mild cough in October but he seemed to fight it off quite quickly so it didn’t turn into anything or linger.

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zusje · 15/01/2024 22:36

Solidarity OP. I started coughing on Christmas day, my partner on Friday after Chstimas. Both had crackles in our chest (OOH GPs for both considering timings) antibiotics and I also had two bouts of steroids (on top of my inhalers for my asthma). I still have the horrible tickle in my throat and cough that shifts absolutely nothing a few times a day, partner also still coughs. I have no idea what this cold/virus/infection is but it's awful!

Leyenda · 15/01/2024 22:45

Me :( I’ve had a cough since mid November. It keeps nearly getting better and then getting worse again. Had a crackly chest for a while and the amount of mucus coming out of my lungs was bizarre.

I should probably have gone to the GP but I’ve never found them very interested in treating adults (“come back in a few weeks 🥱”) and it seems silly to go now. Surely it must finish soon?!!

I just want a decent night’s sleep without choking up mucus at 2am…

DustyLee123 · 16/01/2024 06:34

Sounds like he needs the steroid inhaler in the winter, as it’s a preventative.
Personally I’d put him back on it now and see the GP.

Embelline · 16/01/2024 07:21

Sympathy to everyone suffering. I’m phoning again for DS this morning as it’s getting significantly worse with each passing day/night poor thing.
There really does seem to be a lot of it about

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Embelline · 16/01/2024 07:22

@DustyLee123 yes the thought had crossed my mind that maybe it’s seasonal

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Embelline · 16/01/2024 16:07

Went back to GP today, no wheeze or crackle but they’re giving another dose of antibiotics because they think the first lot wasn’t enough to fully shift it.
i on the other hand have to get on with it 😂 (my cough is back with a vengeance today).

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