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Angry at neighbours

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Backhandcompliment · 15/01/2024 19:28

I live in a small village with probably about 30 houses. Have been living here for 5 years. About 2 years ago I befriended a neighbour and sometimes took his dog for walks as he suffered from depression and bipolar and he wasn't always up for going out. Other times I went on walks with him and some other neighbours I was friendly with too. I also like to go out for a drive on the evening to get out of the house. I did notice that some other neighbours were being less friendly to me and one stopped taking to me completely and I didn't understand why until one couple were moving away and they told me that there had been gossip about me and my friend with the dog having an affair because my next door neighbours have got a ring camera on their doorbell and thought I was sneaking off at night to the guy who's dog I occasionally walked and they suspected I was having an affair with him as I'm married. Nothing inappropriate ever happened between me and this man and I don't know whether to ignore this and put it down to village gossip or tackle it with my neighbours with the camera. AIBU to talk to them?

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Datafan55 · 15/01/2024 19:33

That's horrible that being friends and helping someone out has led to gossip and ill feeling.

I'm not sure whether I'd tackle them or not... They have caused it, but others have believed it, and even if someone was having an affair, they'd say they weren't (ie would it get you anywhere?)... Versus you being righteously angry and pointing out what harm their smutty conclusions have caused.

However, I would remember at all times that I had done nothing wrong.

spanishviola · 15/01/2024 19:40

I would laugh at someone who said that. It’s not their business whether you are or aren’t having an affair.

TheDandyLion · 15/01/2024 19:40

Gossip is part of small village life. It's not nice but it happens.

Poppysmom22 · 15/01/2024 20:18

I would get some sort of sign and do a little dance with it in front of their camera take your inspiration from love actually you could go viral

BobbyBiscuits · 16/01/2024 13:53

How petty of them, is it a secondary school playground? I'd hate to live somewhere where everyone was that nosy. Totally say something to the camera people. Do it in a casual, almost jokey way that might embarrass them a tiny bit. Like if there's a group of you (including your husband) at the pub/ cafe, tell them that the neighbours who moved away said 'apparently I'm having a passionate affair with Barry, and it was all caught on your Ring Camera? ' Then burst out laughing at the whole concept. They will look pretty foolish I'd imagine.

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