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Cmpa help

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Despicito · 15/01/2024 07:34

Hi posting for traffic as I need advice
Already seen gp who prescribed carobel for my 8 week old. He's still bringing up milk after every feed.
Other symptoms are -
V loose poo
Pains / unsettled evening & between feeds

Doc was unsure If it was cmpa as there's no rash, no mucus in poo, vomit not projectile, chest clear.

Is this something to just ride out or do I push for special formula?

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unexpectedalliances · 15/01/2024 07:46

Are you breastfeeding? Can you cut out all dairy?

fungibletoken · 15/01/2024 07:53

I'm sorry not to have any definitive answers but just to say that we're in the same boat right now - i.e. DD has obvious digestive issues going on (lots of loose dirty nappies each day, unsettled feeding that only seems to be resolved by managing to poo) but some of the classic signs of CMPA missing.

If you're FF I think you're fine to go back to the GP and say that Carobel hasn't made a difference (if that's correct) and see if you can try out one of the special formulas. It might be one of those things that clears up of its own accord as your baby matures, but unfortunately we haven't seen any improvement and DD is now six months, so you just don't know. She's been referred to the paediatric dietitians and I've been asked to go dairy free in the meantime (she's EBF). Hope it resolves for you!

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Despicito · 15/01/2024 07:56

Thank you
I'm combi feeding but more formula than bf tbh

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