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would you see the GP about this? my chin is on fire!

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chinchinchin1 · 14/01/2024 13:35

For about 3 months my chin, jawline and down about half of my neck will suddenly go very itchy, feel like it's burning and rhe skin will get all bumpy like a rash. It's never super noticeable outwardly but if you look closely or feel the skin it feels all raised and bumpy, it will sometimes go red as well.

I'm assuming it's a reaction to something but I can't figure out what. I'm not eating differently, no new products being used on my face, no change in washing detergent or shower gel etc..

There doesn't seem to be any trigger that I have noticed. It will be fine one minute then horribly itchy the next and then stay like that for a day or two before calming down again.

It's happened about 4 times in the last few months and is like that again today just suddenly.

I'm fine outside of these weird spells.

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literalviolence · 14/01/2024 13:50

I'd start with the pharmacist.

Sapphire387 · 14/01/2024 13:54

It does sound like an allergy-type thing but possibly also a skin thing like a form of rosacea? Have you tried keeping a food diary to see if there is a trigger? Food intolerances can come on at any point. Does taking an antihistamine help? Try it, if you haven't.

mamaison · 14/01/2024 13:57

Could be an allergy to the toothpaste esp if you use one with sulfates.

ExtraOnions · 14/01/2024 13:59

Keep a record of anything you eat, drink, washing liquid, soap etc.

MillicentRogers · 14/01/2024 14:00

You might be using the same brands/products but they are subject to change the ingredients at any time.

IHatesMeecesToPieces · 14/01/2024 14:05

Did it coincide with you starting to wear a (new?) scarf by any chance? See if antihistamines help but also do check with a pharmacist.

FloofCloud · 14/01/2024 14:05

Have you tried antihistamines?

99victoria · 14/01/2024 14:08

Do you have gel nails done? One of my friends had these symptoms and it turned out she was allergic to something in the gel nail polish.

Sera1989 · 14/01/2024 14:08

Does it happen when you're around particular people (or even in proximity in general compared to other days)? Some people are allergic to perfume or aftershave and can't even stand next to others wearing it (my dad was allergic to Chanel and his whole face would react)

hedgehoglurker · 14/01/2024 14:16

Does it settle with antihistamines? I certainly wouldn't see a gp until I'd ruled out cetirizine or loratadine with the addition of chlorphenamine (Piriton).

Have you tried hydrocortisone 1% on it? I wouldn't want to use for too long without medical input, but as directed on the tube.

If you aren't familiar with these simple treatments, which are available off the shelf at the supermarket, get advice from a pharmacy.

Pripsen · 14/01/2024 14:21

Is it just one side or both sides?

It’s sad that we become so brainwashed to think that it terrible to see the GP unless in dire circumstances. Appreciate it might be almost impossible to get an appointment even if you want one though.

BobbyBiscuits · 14/01/2024 14:23

It sounds like a type of eczema maybe? I get these really itchy patches on my hands with raised bumps that come and go, it seems worse in hot weather. I use hydrocortisone cream on it when I have a breakout and it seems to work.
If it's an allergy you need to start eliminating things that you have had contact with/ eaten on the days you break out. You can get these issues starting at any age, new allergies can start. I would see a pharmacist when you are having it so they can advise.

littlesandcircles · 14/01/2024 14:27

I used to get this on my hands and feet. All of a sudden they'd start to get warm and itchy and then I'd break out in little hives. For years I didn't make the connection until I suddenly realised it often happened if I stepped out into the garden or a fan blew on me. Turns out it's the cold!

It's Cold urticaria - a sort of hyper over reaction to a change in temperature. I take a prescription anti hist every morning and no longer have an issues.

I would defo chat to a pharmacist first and if it's an allergy, then your GP. The little bumps you describe definitely sound like little hives.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 14/01/2024 14:27

Get as clear a photograph as your can and a note of exactly where the pain/itching is and describe it .
Once it resolves its hard to describe .

I'd go through the ruling out any allergens first including anything that touches your face like nails , handwash , hood , scarf

BobbyBiscuits · 14/01/2024 14:33

Just another thing, is if there is no swelling of the lips/ inside the mouth I would think it may not be a food allergy. (though I'm no expert) It may be an allergy to ingredients in skincare/ makeup. SLS is a very common ingredient in beauty products that a lot of people develop sensitivity to. Also gel nail manicures can irritate/ cause allergy.

Rycbar · 14/01/2024 14:54

IHatesMeecesToPieces · 14/01/2024 14:05

Did it coincide with you starting to wear a (new?) scarf by any chance? See if antihistamines help but also do check with a pharmacist.

Yes this exact thing happened to me with a new scarf once!

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