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Buggerd up Ebay sale

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Lucky2shoes · 14/01/2024 12:15

I sold an item for somebody else high value and buyer collected but due to its value Ebay have a 20 day hold on the money despite it been marked as pick up and buyer leaving positive feedback.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Nicknacky · 14/01/2024 12:18

How have you buggered it up?

MrsSlocombesCat · 14/01/2024 12:20

It doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. But fwiw when I sell high value items I ask for cash on collection.

Liababy · 14/01/2024 12:31

That's not buggered up. Are you fairy new to ebay? They do hold the money to ensure no issues when you are new.

Lucky2shoes · 14/01/2024 12:58

I offered postage on this occasion and forgot to put cash payment if collecting.
That's how I've messed up

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Lucky2shoes · 14/01/2024 13:00

I'm not new no but this has caused a big argument with the person I sold it for

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Goodadvice1980 · 14/01/2024 13:01

Did the buyer pay via paypal? If so there could potentially be an issue if they collected in person.

Lighrbulbmo · 14/01/2024 13:03

Just tell the friend to google the eBay rules I mean clearly they don’t trust you that is the issue not eBay.

mouseychick · 14/01/2024 13:04

Then they should have sold it themselves

MolkosTeenageAngst · 14/01/2024 13:05

Lucky2shoes · 14/01/2024 13:00

I'm not new no but this has caused a big argument with the person I sold it for

Well next time tell them they can sell their item themselves! Sounds like you’ve done them a favour and if they’re not happy that’s their fault for getting someone else to do a job they could have taken ownership for.

ManchesterLu · 14/01/2024 13:22

It's not buggered up, just have to wait for the money. Easy. The only one issue is if they buyer collected they could easily say they've not had it - postage with proof of delivery is safest. eBay is a bit ridiculous sometimes - even if the buyer has left feedback they somehow manage to win non-delivery cases. It's bloody ridiculous.

But if your friend is complaining, they should have done it themselves.

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