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Ninja foodi emergency!

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giantinflatabledinosaur · 12/01/2024 18:42

I'm very just put the pressure cooker function on the ninja foodi and it is deathly quiet!!! I've only used it once before but I'm sure I remember it having a noise.

Am I being unreasonably paranoid about it blowing up Blush Anyone know?

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Ourshoddyhouse · 12/01/2024 18:46

How long has it been on for? Is it in the building pressure stage?

giantinflatabledinosaur · 12/01/2024 18:49

It's past the pressure stage and been on for 10 minutes

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Pushkinini · 12/01/2024 19:06

Mine doesn't make a noise while cooking. It only hisses when you move the pressure release valve.

giantinflatabledinosaur · 12/01/2024 19:08

Thank you both!

Well it hasn't blown up, just waiting for the pressure to go down. I've moved the valve a bit and it hissed so I think all is good!

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