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Alternatives to Christmas at Center Parcs

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Banananananabababybel · 12/01/2024 16:47

So we did Center Parcs this year for the week before Christmas. Kids loved it, we had a great time! Spoke to my parents and they’re really keen to come along if we go this year. Problem is I’ve just had a look and it’s £1170 for us to go for four nights! Even worse, all the ‘good’ lodges are booked so we will end up miles away from everything which will be a big issue for my parents who have mobility issues. So now I’m looking for something similar but not Center parcs. I’m after the pool, woodland and the winter wonderland style activities. Has anyone done anything like this they would recommend?

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LittleGreenDuck · 12/01/2024 16:50

Try Bluestone, near Tenby. Similar vibe but also lots to do outside the resort. We find we tend to stay on site at CP, but less so at Bluestone.

ShoePalaver · 12/01/2024 16:52

Ribby hall, if you're northern?

GildedAge · 12/01/2024 16:55

It doesn’t actually sound too expensive if sharing the cost with your parents. Go for a far away lodge and get mobility scooters for your parents. Small children can hitch a ride if they get tired. Half the fun is wandering around the forest soaking up the nature.

MuddledMadge · 12/01/2024 16:56

Following for ideas

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