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Would you put a bad review

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Pinksky26 · 12/01/2024 11:29

Arranged for mobile repairs for my car and booked it in for 9am. Got to 10am and nobody was here so I messaged them and they said they’re running an hour behind. They wouldn’t have let me know if I didn’t text. It’s now 11:30am so 2 hours behind and still not here or no message. Feel like this is very poor service

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JusticeIsAFickleWench · 12/01/2024 16:31

I guess repairing cars isn’t an exact time kind of thing, sometimes things can take longer than expected.
He will have been deep under the bonnet focusing on the problem at hand rather than thinking ‘I must text Pink’. It’s annoying but, unless he did a shoddy job and over charged you, it’s not something I’d leave a bad review for.

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