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Researching private teen ADHD assessment, AIBU to find it overwhelming and ask for your help please?

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sunseeker19 · 10/01/2024 09:09

I'm helping my lovely friend (non-Mumsnetter!) to help her DS16 to get privately assessed for ADHD. His teachers have got him onto the CAMHS waiting list, but it's so long, and this being his GCSE and college application year the confirmed diagnosis is urgently needed to get him the support and adjustments he needs. But it's such an overwhelming area to research for a newbie!
I'd massively appreciate any help from Mumsnetters wise to this area:

  • organisations you recommend using for private ADHD assessment
  • does his school need to pre-approve the assessment organisation to make sure they would accept the diagnosis?
  • is there anything else we would need to do in advance eg GP approval, to make it run smoothly afterwards
  • are there any ways to make this as cost-effective as possible, especially if medication is needed (but still quick!)?
  • any other advice?

Thanks SO much..!
OP posts:
Bluevelvetsofa · 10/01/2024 09:22

You have to have evidence of need for access arrangements for GCSE, not necessarily a diagnosis.

What has happened in the past if he’s now in year 11? What adjustments have been made for him to access the curriculum, such as extra time in exams, use of technology, rest breaks, reader, scribe? All of these are possible, but have to be demonstrated to be the normal way of working in school.

His school can apply for arrangements, if any, some, or all of these are his normal way of working, but the deadline will be very soon, if not already passed.

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