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To feel out of sorts

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Notreallythere1 · 09/01/2024 23:35

My username says it all really

I've got this weird feeling, I feel down but also like I'm not really in my life anymore. Like I'm going through the motions but not really myself and not really feeling like I'm here in my family, in my life. So odd.

I keep feeling a sort of dread too like something bad is about to happen. There's no obvious reason for this and I don't usually suffer with my mental health. Just needed to vent and see if anyone had some word of wisdom.

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SomethingSpangly · 09/01/2024 23:38

How long have you been feeling like this OP?
It's good that you're recognising something's not quite right. Lots of different things can make people feel this way.

Notreallythere1 · 09/01/2024 23:40

Since Christmas really. I dont usually get January blues (my birthday is in Jan) so I'm not sure why. Just feel like a deflated balloon and like I'm going through the motions. I've had vague thoughts about not being here anymore which I would never act on at all but is very unusual for me too.

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firsttimemama1994 · 09/01/2024 23:41

Sounds like derealisation disorder.

Have you had any recent traumatic life experiences happen? I first noticed it a few months after my dad passed away unexpectedly. X

DottyDodger · 10/01/2024 00:28

I had this for a few months the last year, and it's randomly gone away since the new year began.

It felt like a low level depression; not being able to find joy in things, and as you say, going through the motions of life. Almost certainly periods of derealisation.

I am pretty sure I am early peri (41), as I mentioned it to the GP when I went in about something else. She offered me HRT!

How old are you OP? Sending love, it's such a hard feeling to cope with ❤️

Notreallythere1 · 10/01/2024 07:04

Thanks I am 39 so possibly peri?

I havent had anything traumatic happen so definitely not that. Sorry for your loss @firsttimemama1994

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Zanatdy · 10/01/2024 07:07

I’d go and have a chat with your GP OP.

BingoMarieHeeler · 10/01/2024 07:11

Yeah I feel like this a lot. Anxiety for me.

SomethingSpangly · 10/01/2024 07:52

Yeah, probs best to go chat it over with your gp. Could very well be the beginnings of peri or other things like thyroid. Horrid to feel like it but hopefully can be sorted out.

Notreallythere1 · 10/01/2024 08:53

Thanks maybe I'll ask the gp. I've never had anxiety, I'm usually described as extremely laid back 🤷‍♀️ I suppose I have been a bit worried about finances recently but nothing that can't be overcome and I wouldn't say its overly worrying me.

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