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Homeschooling in Cornwall

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Itsadogslifeinnit · 09/01/2024 13:24

Does anyone homeschool in the Cornwall area? What ages and how do you provide social opportunities with other children etc?
Interested to hear from others who homeschool too, reasons why, how the day is planned and so on please 🙏

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Itsadogslifeinnit · 09/01/2024 13:55

No one home schools?

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WestwardHo1 · 09/01/2024 14:06

You're asking on the wrong section. This is AIBU!

There's an active community of homeschoolers in Cornwall. You just have to be proactive.

Try getting this moved to Home Ed.

MojoDojoCasaHouse · 09/01/2024 14:27

Check home Ed board in Education or a local FB group maybe?

Saracen · 10/01/2024 13:44

Most local home ed groups are on Facebook. If you go on FB and type "home education cornwall" into the FB search bar, you'll find some groups.

For more general home ed questions, the Mumsnet home ed board is worth a try but gets much less traffic than Facebook groups. There are big national Facebook groups with many thousands of members, where you can have a browse to see what sorts of things people get up to. There are many many ways to home educate.

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