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… to ask for your most bizarre workmate stories?

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siressmins · 08/01/2024 20:29

Mostly lighthearted as I’m dealing with an absolute doozy myself.

Mine is loud, prone to outbursts, often works herself up into a hysterical, sweaty mess, openly racist, assigns herself titles that don’t exist, very boastful about her (non-existant) abilities, professional victim, regales all and sundry about the tedious ins and outs of her personal life (a trip to the dentist for a checkup becomes cause for the distribution of a news bulletin), gatekeeps information as she believes it makes her indispensible, calls herself the “office bitch” and is proud of it because she “tells it like it is”, insists she needs to “manage up” because the actual managers need it, threatens to walk out regularly, DOES walk out regularly…

She’s on her way out but it can’t come too soon. Until then, would love for the funny folk of Mumsnet to regale me with their bizarre workmate stories.

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soupandcrackers · 08/01/2024 20:36

My colleague came into work wearing one of those really long puffer jackets. I said something like, "ooh, that looks nice and warm, like a sleeping bag does".

She didn't talk to me for three months, ignored me when I was leading meetings and moved to a different floor.

One day she was back to being friendly, as if it had never happened.

siressmins · 08/01/2024 20:44

She reminds me a bit of a workmate who stopped talking to me for eating a chocolate frog. I kept a bag of them in my drawer. She always refused when I offered her one. When she “caught” me eating my second one for the day she stood up, exclaimed “I can’t BELIEVE you’re eating ANOTHER one!!!” plonked down angrily and abruptly stopped talking to me. For a long time. Our relationship was never the same.

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