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To be almost going insane with “bites”?

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Nonmegmoo · 08/01/2024 19:52

Hi all, noticed some mosquito like bites in Nov however they didn’t itch. Went to docs three times who confirmed bites. Problem has persisted for over two months, getting one bite a day (ish) exclusively on hips, bum, front thighs and under arms near arm pits. I have had ONE bite on my ankle (but still loads in prev. mentioned areas). Want to stress they do not itch, only ankle one itched. The redness sometimes can be pound coin size.

Had pest control inspection. Confirmed no bed bugs present but said we have fleas (we have a dog, been treated, flea combed etc.. blonde lab, never seen anything on her, she’s not itching at all ever). They never showed any evidence of this.

Basically after the full pest control treatment I’m still getting bites. DH has had maybe four in the two months.

We have never ever seen a flea in this whole two months but nonetheless spent hundreds having the house sprayed for fleas twice. I am really a clean freak and this whole situation has been so hard. Just wondered, would I see the fleas? Why are the bites only happening in weird areas?

if anyone has any ideas, please do help. Going out my mind here!!!!!

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Dacadactyl · 08/01/2024 21:42

I'd be thinking it mustve been bed bugs myself and getting a new mattress/bed.

Singleandproud · 08/01/2024 21:45

Do you iron your clothes, towels and bed linen or use a tumble dryer? That'll kill any bugs on your clothing.

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