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Could these dogs be seized?

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Eviluci · 08/01/2024 18:40

someone in my neighbourhood has two XL bullies. (England) I keep seeing them regularly on my walks and today they were walking on the main road. One was on lead but no muzzle and the other off lead and no muzzle and was heading towards the traffic and owner didn’t seem to care. What would happen if police see this? Will they be seized? They’re both really big dogs and owner doesn’t seem to have control

OP posts:
ejsmith99 · 10/01/2024 15:29

Yes, if someone reports them to the police and they are found to be xl actions s/be taken. Not necessarily taken away

Tosieposie · 10/01/2024 15:30

Report them.

WiddlinDiddlin · 10/01/2024 15:32

Yes, IF they are XL Bullies, then they have to be on a lead and muzzled as of 31st December, and they have to be exempted and abide by exemption conditions by the end of Jan...

Reporting them may result in a warning in the first instance or seizure, it very much depends on how contact between police and the owner goes down and also whether your particular police service has the will and capacity to seize dogs that are not actively involved in an incident.

GeckoEcho · 10/01/2024 15:45

The police will do very little, I believe. Where I live they don't enforce the law if it's even a little bit dangerous.


  1. how do you know they are XL bullies? Are you sure? I don't doubt you but my neighbour had had someone ask if her golden lab / collie mix was one. A lot of people just think dog = danger.🙄

  2. if you haven't seen any aggression from these dogs, does it affect you? I wouldn't report a neighbour or do anything to sour neighbourhood relations unless there was some actual harm taking place
KatesLipGloss · 10/01/2024 15:48

The police should investigate a report of a crime.

In practice, resources are stretched and this might not be the most urgent call on their time.

ThisOldThang · 14/01/2024 21:43

Please report it to the police.

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