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To ask you about your cold sore symptoms

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Namechangetoaskcoldsorequestion · 06/01/2024 16:55

I think I might be infected. There were no symptoms until this morning when I noticed a weird spot touching my lip. It’s more like three spots/ blisters joining into each other. It doesn’t hurt or tingle. What do you think ?

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QuestionableMouse · 06/01/2024 16:57

Can you post a pic? Is it scabby? Mine are always scabby but never itchy or tingly!

Namechangetoaskcoldsorequestion · 06/01/2024 16:58

I don’t really want to post a pic but it’s not scabbed and there’s no broken skin

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QuestionableMouse · 06/01/2024 17:23

Mine have always been scabby/crusty 🤢 does it have a head?

Namechangetoaskcoldsorequestion · 06/01/2024 17:25

No. Is it always scabbed or does it turn that way ?

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