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Worried about breast

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Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:32

Not really an AIBU but I'm anxious and worried and could do with some replies please!

Last couple of months I have a painful part of left armpit that comes for a fee days and then disappears. The first time it happened I thought it must be an ingrown hair. I couldn't see one though.

It's come back a few times. It came back again yesterday after my breast has been itchy and nipple for 3 days. No visual markings or differences or rash etc. Nipple is normal looking.

Today it's still itchy, pain in armpit and almost like a low running burning feeling on the area of my breast close where it touches my other breast. Again no redness etc

Anyways I went down a stupid Google rabbit hole yesterday. And I have called my GP to get an appointment but can't see anyone until Wednesday. Husband is away for a week maybe 2 and no one to watch the kids, so I have had to take the appointment on Wednesday when they are at school.

Anyway now I'm hyper aware of it and its driving me crazy!!

Also I have breastfed over the space of 10 years. Only stopped a total of 3 months over the 10 years in-between kids being born (I have 4) stopped completely about 2 years ago now. So I don't think its mastitis.

Any advice or help to relieve my mind would be most appreciated please


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NoahsBark · 06/01/2024 10:34

You’re doing the right thing by getting it checked but try to remember it’s much more likely to NOT be anything sinister than it is to BE sinister

Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:36

Thank you at @NoahsBark I know, you're right! But obviously I'm a bit of a wreck and home with 4 kids. Hiding it well. But I haven't said anything to DH. He is away and I don't want to cause stress for something that might be nothing.

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Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:38

I think the receptionist nearly didn't give me an appointment. I asked for a face to face and she asked why do I said I want to get my breasts checked. I thought that would be explanatory enough. Nope. I had to explain why I wanted them checked. She then out me on hold. She came back and then said OK you can have an appointment. She was nicely spoken when she came back though. Maybe a colleague told her that actually yes that is something that needs an appointment!

I hate calling the GP

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NoahsBark · 06/01/2024 10:42

Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:36

Thank you at @NoahsBark I know, you're right! But obviously I'm a bit of a wreck and home with 4 kids. Hiding it well. But I haven't said anything to DH. He is away and I don't want to cause stress for something that might be nothing.

I totally understand, I’d be the same as I have health anxiety - I was at the GP myself two weeks ago with a tiny lump in my arm pit. It turned out to be nothing and has now disappeared ☺️ I suspect yours might have something to do with breast feeding - when was the last time you breast fed?

anyolddinosaur · 06/01/2024 10:44

More likely to be infection than breast cancer but your gp may refer you for a scan. Do you have a temperature at all? Have you tried any creams in case it's a skin problem.

PinedApple · 06/01/2024 10:45

Arm pit can be tender lymph nodes if you're getting over a bug or immune system fighting something off. Always best to get these things checked but I'm sure everything will be ok! Take care I know it's hard not to worry though when I had a lump in my breast I was so panicked but it was nothing. X

Happilyobtuse · 06/01/2024 10:46

You are doing the right thing in getting it checked. If you have breast tissue under the arm which is very possible when you have been breast feeding so many years, then each time around the time you get your period you might be sensitive under the arm. Anyway best get it checked.

Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:48

I made a note of the dates and I'm sure it is hormonal, but I have freaked myself out now. As it was only in the armpit and now the last few days with my breast

My period finished a week ago. If my app is correct then I'm ovulating the last day or 2.

I stopped breastfeeding 2 years ago. I've had mastitis and this doesn't feel like that.

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Swannyb · 06/01/2024 10:51

I don’t think you need to worry but there is no harm visiting the doctor to be sure and for peace of mind. I get similar sometimes (ache/sore, itchiness) then it can disappear for months. Have you done a physical exam on yourself?

Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 10:58

@Swannyb thank you. Yes I can't feel any lumps in my breast. I might be OTT but I did get dh to have a feel before he left and he said he couldn't feel anything. I didn't say why but just said like a routine thing and he has bigger hands lol.

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Worriedandnotsure · 06/01/2024 11:00

I'm worried about my kids actually. That's the anxiety. If the worst was to happen in general . It sounds so stupid but I always tell myself if I can reach the age of about 45 then the kids are of ages where they can look after themselves.

I sound like someone with health anxiety, but I'm not! My dad died at 45 so I guess that was in the back of my mind for a while. He caught an infection from flu and it went to his heart etc. Not cancer or anything. Just unlucky.

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PinedApple · 12/01/2024 19:46

How did you get on @Worriedandnotsure ?

Worriedandnotsure · 12/01/2024 20:33

It was a waste of time. It had gone down by the time I had my appointment. She looked at it and said well you should have come when it hurt. I said I did call but there weren't any appointments.... she said oh it was probably from shaving. But it wasn't from that. I know the difference. And then she said you can try coming back if it happens again.

Thank you for asking @PinedApple

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FairyWren7 · 12/01/2024 22:45

Please insist on a mammogram to be sure. I had very similar symptoms last year, thought I’d sprained a muscle. It was more than that. Please get it checked, it is likely to be nothing but any burning/heat/itching/skin changes - need to be looked at properly. I had no sign of a lump and initially it appeared to be cyclical. Best wishes.

FairyWren7 · 12/01/2024 22:46

@Worriedandnotsure please, please get it checked for peace of mind.

Worriedandnotsure · 12/01/2024 23:01

Thank you. She basically said only come back if it happens again. I might ask to see a different GP.

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