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AIBU to need a hand hold.

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thegreenlight · 05/01/2024 16:30

I don’t really believe in luck but we have had so much bad luck lately! I lost my dad Christmas 2022 and all last year was having building work to make the house bigger for our 2 Sen children and build an annex for my mum who is struggling in a top floor flat. The builders seemed great until we realised that they were just leaving hundreds of half finished jobs when they didn’t know how to complete 16 week job became 40 week job. After they had all our money, they left while the kitchen was being fitted in early December and left us with no heating or hot water or working bathroom. DH has put it in at a cost of thousands for materials which have gone on credit card, thousands have also gone to electricians and plasterers to make the house safe which we have already paid builders for. They are saying they will come back Feb but we have board up at the bedroom window that is letting in water as it rains (which it has been a lot lately!). We have worked really hard around full time jobs to make the house as much of a home as possible but just got a call from the dealership to say that my car needs £4000 worth of work to make it safe!
The builders have had all our savings and I just feel bereft. It has been such a hard time and I’m trying to be cheerful but it’s just so so hard!

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Tusktusk · 05/01/2024 16:32

Here is my hand to hold✋

Tusktusk · 05/01/2024 16:33

Are you sure the dealership aren’t having you on? Could you try an independent garage?

Tusktusk · 05/01/2024 16:35

If it is really going to cost £4000 to fix the car, I’d be tempted to cut my losses and buy a £2000 runaround. Of course that depends on being able to get hold of £2k but it might be more do-able.

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