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Spotted this today just remined me of AIBU MN

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orchiddottyback · 04/01/2024 09:47

This just made me smile, I thought I would share. Reminds me so much of MN ๐Ÿ˜‚

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WhatWouldHopperDo · 04/01/2024 09:50


F1ymetothetoon · 04/01/2024 09:51

That's hilarious thanks for sharing Grin

NoMoreXmasTree · 04/01/2024 09:53

I'm so triggered by the sunshine in that video. And they're all just bickering away and ignoring the obvious global warming. ๐Ÿ˜‰

LegoDeathTrap · 04/01/2024 09:54
Riverlee · 04/01/2024 09:55

Made me smile, but also slightly uncomfortable as well, as it sums up society today.

However, sometimes I put a mumsnet spin on situations, films, books I read etc. Iโ€™m shouting to myself โ€˜red flagโ€™ or yes a control freak etc, before the main character realises.

Umanresources · 04/01/2024 12:07

That is so funny. I hadn't realised that I now do the MN treatment with books and films too.

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