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SIL bought my kids St Christophers - we’re not religious

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Loopyloulou92 · 31/12/2023 22:28

So SILs in laws all wear St Christopher necklaces (it’s like a family thing I guess). Christmas Day, she’s bought my 3 kids a St Christopher necklace each to match hers, her husbands and her kids necklaces. Hubs and I were christened as babies but don’t follow any religion or wear anything symbolic like this. Feel like this his was a bit of a weird gift as we don’t wear anything symbolic like that and that’s more her husbands side of the family who wear things like this. Plus I’d never buy my niece or nephews jewellery personally as think it’s personal preference. My kids are young (under 3) so don’t see the need for them to wear necklaces at a young age and as they’re not religious or christened or anything, I don’t want to force them to wear it - I don’t see the point and don’t believe that a necklace can ‘protect them on their travels’🙄
AIBU to keep them in the back of a drawer until kids decide if they want to/don’t want to wear them?

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Delassalle · 31/12/2023 22:29

I would definitely keep until they are older.

Tonight1 · 31/12/2023 22:34

Actually a lot of people wear St Christopher even if they're not religious.

Can't see the present being enjoyable for the children though!

Saggypants · 31/12/2023 22:34

I was brought up with that tradition too. Not the slightest bit religious but still wear my pendant when I travel. I think it's absolutely fine to put them aside for now.

HardcoreLadyType · 31/12/2023 22:37

I think St Christopher was sacked as part of Vatican II because he probably didn’t actually exist, or maybe because he was unreliable.

Anyway, St Christophers are more superstitious than religious.

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JingleSnowmanTree · 31/12/2023 22:38

I wouldn't put any necklace on children so young.

people do give young children St Christopher's whether they're religious or not. I think they're nice to have. I'd put them in a pouch & keep them safe for when they're older.

Loopyloulou92 · 31/12/2023 22:39

Oh I see! I always thought coin pendants were religious 🙈 Personally don’t believe in all the ‘he’ll protect you on your travels’ malarkey but that’s just me.

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MaryHinges · 31/12/2023 22:43

Just tell them it's a dart player off the telly giving some geezer a piggy back

SchoolQuestionnaire · 31/12/2023 22:44

I’d put them away until the kids are older but I don’t think there is anything wrong with the gift. My ds and dh are not religious but my dm gifted them both a St. Christopher chain many years ago and they both wear them. Ds never takes his off. Let the kids decide.

Loopyloulou92 · 31/12/2023 22:45

😂😂Believable 😂😂 I’ll try it 😂

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saltinesandcoffeecups · 31/12/2023 22:50

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Ineedwinenow · 31/12/2023 22:50

A St Christopher is worn as a symbol of protection on life’s travels, Religion only plays a small part in its meaning, it’s more of a Talisman but I’m not sure giving children necklaces is a good idea.

Maybe keep them until they are older than they can make the decision if they want to wear them plus they are less likely to break or lose them in a few years too

pilates · 31/12/2023 22:56

I’m sure it came from a good place. Keep them for when they are older. I gave my son one when he was 18.

Seadreamers · 31/12/2023 23:04

We’re not religious but my late DGM gave me a St Christopher silver necklace when I was about 10. I never wore it but as an adult I have kept the pendant in my wallet for about 30 years now; not sure why really, more because it was a well-meaning gift from my much-loved DGM (with a bit of hope it will keep me safe :-)

NeverDropYourMooncup · 31/12/2023 23:06

They're bought mainly to be kept for when the children get older. So stick them in a drawer and keep them safe.

Psychoticbreak · 31/12/2023 23:32

I would bin them.

CointreauVersial · 31/12/2023 23:38

I was given a St Christopher by a relative when I was maybe 6 years old. Like others, we're not a remotely religious family - it was just seen as a nice thing. It was my "party" necklace during my childhood, then went into the back of a drawer for many years....happily, pendants became very fashionable over the last few years, so it is being worn again - 50 years after I first received it!

Keep it safely for your kids - under three is too young for ANY jewellery, in my opinion - and it will hopefully be a nice thing to be worn in the future.

Midwinter91 · 31/12/2023 23:48

My mum bought my baby son one, it’s a traditional thing. Our family aren’t very religious.

TheYearOfSmallThings · 31/12/2023 23:53

It's just a lucky charm. My son got one as a baby gift and I sew it to the lining of his coat every year.

DorisDoesDoncaster · 31/12/2023 23:59

I’m not religious but bought a St Joseph to sell my old house after making an offer on my current one. Old house was not shifting but within a day of St Joseph arriving courtesy of Amazon, accepted an offer of 98.2% of asking price. Nothing to do with St Christopher but immensely grateful to St J three years on!

LonelynSad · 01/01/2024 00:20

I would be fuming and would hand them straight back if you're not religious! How dare she!?

ActuallyChristmas · 01/01/2024 00:22

It’s a nice thing to have, but maybe more of a baptism gift

misskatamari · 01/01/2024 00:25

As above, I’d put away and keep until older, but I don’t think this is anything to get het up about. It’s obviously a thoughtful gift on her part with no ill intent. Maybe a bit odd but just take it in the spirit it was meant and don’t let it bother you

Daisybuttercup12345 · 01/01/2024 00:45

Far too young for a necklace.
Yabvu to say Hubs!!! Cringe.

ClottedCreamScone · 01/01/2024 00:45

They’re too young to safely wear necklaces anyway. Definitely keep them safe for when the kids are older and can decide for themselves.

educatingrati · 01/01/2024 00:54

Keep them safe until your kids are older. The gifts are for your children, so it's up to them if they decide to keep them. Even if they never wear them, if they grow close to aunt or uncle, it's a nice connection for them. If they end up loathing their aunt/ uncle they can stick them on eBay.

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