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To be fuming about this?

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Eightohseven · 31/12/2023 18:17

Ds 7 playing on switch. 2 yr old cousin next to him eating something. At some point, 2 yr old has gotten up and gotten hold of something and caused it to spill. Nobody hurt, nothing broken, although I don't know what it was that spilled. Ds step granddad has come into room and blamed and shouted at ds for not watching cousin and stopping her and said 'ds always on game and he pities me'. I am fuming as I think it was a totally inappropriate way to talk to my ds and want to confront him. Have spoken to sis and she doesn't really see an issue with what happened/was said. Aibu and it's not a big deal or ynbu and I should be upset and confront?

For context, ds has parental controls on switch that is set for 2 hours max per day so absolutely not on it 'all the time'

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autumncrisp · 31/12/2023 18:20

A 7 year old is not a babysitter.

GrazingSheep · 31/12/2023 18:21

I wouldn’t be fuming or want to confront anyone. Shit happens.

Bladwdoda · 31/12/2023 18:21

YANBU - however I think it will have been best managed on the spot,

a 7yr old shouldn’t be expected to be responsible for a younger child,

coxesorangepippin · 31/12/2023 18:24

As a pp said, seven year old ain't a baby sitter and not responsible

StaunchMomma · 31/12/2023 18:47

Were you not there to say something at the time?

It was really unfair to blame DS for something another child did. As PPs said, a 7 year old is not a baby sitter and shouldn't be responsible for other kids.

I think you need to make that clear, and point out that DS has parental controls and that control his gaming time. Maybe that's a conversation to have with your Mum, rather than Step Dad? Would she get him to wind his neck in a bit?

FloofCloud · 31/12/2023 18:51

Pull him to mine side and say your son isn't a babysitter and it's not his business to shout at your child - ask him to apologise too, your poor boy!

lto2019 · 31/12/2023 19:36

1)It is not child of 7 role to baby sit younger child. 2) It is not granddad's role to be telling of gc for not babysitting younger child. 3) It is Xmas - l am sure grand dad has been staring at tv screen a fair many hours per day. 4) How would he like being shouted at for not watching both of the grand kids - he is randomly assigning responsibility so so are you. .

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