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to ask for your best baby toy 6 - 12 months?! struggling...

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bullpp · 06/07/2023 09:24

Can’t keep ds entertained. Any toy ideas very welcome!!!!!

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Sissynova · 06/07/2023 09:26

Honestly pottering around, trying to crawl, then stand/ cruise and walk are the most entertaining things for a baby.

At 6-12 months nothing is really going to keep them 'entertained' for long.

I'm sure you have more than enough toys for them, just involve them in your own activities. Go for a walk, go to the supermarket and chat about what you see, sit them beside you while you make lunch or wash up.

Caspianberg · 06/07/2023 09:28

Nothing much.
Are they crawling or walking? As that makes a difference in what. Ds walked around 8.5 months and then liked toy pram for pushing, brio sausage dog to pull around and garden play sandpit

FlounderingFruitcake · 06/07/2023 09:29

Mostly it’s his age, they naturally have very short attention spans but my DS’s absolute favourite toy at that age was the Fisher Price talking mixing bowl.

wutheringkites · 06/07/2023 09:29

Stacking cups - the ikea ones are good

Tomy hide and squeak eggs

RunningAwayToJoinTheCircus · 06/07/2023 09:31

Shallow tray of jelly (embed plastic toys in it if you have any - bath duckies, dinosaurs etc), or a washing up bowl with an inch of bubbly water in the bottom and let him splash.
give him a couple of saucepans and a wooden spoon (get ear plugs!) and let him bash them.
Anything is a toy at that age if it's new to them!

MotherOfClogs · 06/07/2023 09:33

Not a toy, but ours were most entertained by looking at humans at that age. Take them for a pram walk to somewhere busy (shopping centre - Ikea is perfect for crawlers- or soft play, even if they are too young to really climb they will be fascinated by what other kids are doing). It's the Best way to pass a couple of hours without needing a new activity every 5min.

Otherwise- water and watering can/ cups

LordGribeau · 06/07/2023 09:35

At that age DS's favourite toy was an empty raisin box 🙈 They can amuse themselves with the weirdest things. Everything is still so new and interesting to them.

AngryBirdsNoMore · 06/07/2023 09:39

wutheringkites · 06/07/2023 09:29

Stacking cups - the ikea ones are good

Tomy hide and squeak eggs

I second both of these!

Nordicrain · 06/07/2023 09:41

wutheringkites · 06/07/2023 09:29

Stacking cups - the ikea ones are good

Tomy hide and squeak eggs

Taht's what I meant, not blocks! Although both work.

House hold items are also good. Ones with different colours, feels and textures, that they can pick up and chew and bang. A little basket full of a selection of different things that they can sit and look at and feel is good.

AwkwardPaws27 · 06/07/2023 09:43

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn puppy has been a huge hit - DS got it for Christmas at almost 7 months, & still enjoys it at 13 months. You can set it so it plays through a series of songs and that would buy me 10 minutes or so to prep lunch/hang up a load of laundry.

Books - the felt flap "Where's Mr/Mrs" ones have been a favourite since about 9 months.

Pop up animals - we have a Chad Valley one with 4 animals, again since about 9 months.

Sleepygrumpyandnothappy · 06/07/2023 09:44

DS is 11 months and has been obsessed with his stacking cups since about 7 months old.

Any wooden toys gets banged against another wooden toy, and that seems to delight him.

AngryBirdsNoMore · 06/07/2023 09:44

Mega blocks?

headcheffer · 06/07/2023 09:55

Door bouncer. Highchair toys that squeak. Hide and squeak eggs. A rubber spatula for chewing and banging on the highchair

FlounderingFruitcake · 06/07/2023 11:08

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn puppy has been a huge hit
THIS too! My DD got it at about 10 months. Handed it down to her younger brother and he’s now 2 and won’t go to bed without it. Definitely the longest lasting toy we’ve had.

Reugny · 06/07/2023 11:09

wutheringkites · 06/07/2023 09:29

Stacking cups - the ikea ones are good

Tomy hide and squeak eggs

My DD didn't like annoying me playing with those f*ing eggs until she was over 12 months. I then periodically hid them.

WaltzingWaters · 06/07/2023 11:11

this was (and still is) a favourite with my DS.

Also, stacking toys, a ball, musical instruments, and anything that’s not actually a toy!

wutheringkites · 06/07/2023 11:14


To be fair, at 6 months, toys were mostly things that I played with to amuse him.

I used to put 3 stacking cups of different heights in a line, with an egg of top and pretend they were medalists at the Olympics. 😆

Bibbitybobbitty · 06/07/2023 11:15

Treasure baskets are best for babies this age, mix & match random everyday items for them to touch, bite, shake. Could be wooden egg cups, spoons, paper/fabric which rustles/Different textures, fill an empty bottle with dried lentils/beans or water + glitter with a wee bit glucose (then seal top so it doesn't leak!) Pans etc to bang in the kitchen , balls to throw & crawl after. Touch & feel books.

takealettermsjones · 06/07/2023 11:17

For mine it was just endless games of peekaboo!

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