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To ask how often you buy new underwear?

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TheSunnySide · 23/04/2023 10:39

weight loss or gain aside, is buying bras and pants a thing you do with regular frequency?

I’ve realised that many of my bras are years old and not doing the job properly. I lost a bit of weight last year and just switched to wearing the old ones I hadn’t been able to fit into for a while.

they are so expensive (pants not so much) that I tend not to splash out but wondered if people actually use and then dispose of their bras quite quickly?

also where do you get rid of them!?

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Whatthefnow · 23/04/2023 10:42

I buy new bras quite often as I have big boobs and they lose the will to live under the pressure. Knickers, never as I don't wear them.

JaneFondue · 23/04/2023 10:44

About once a year.My bras aren't v expensive as am nor busy. I replace pants more often maybe, when they look worn our.

JaneFondue · 23/04/2023 10:45

Not busty. sorry!

Curlyfluff · 23/04/2023 10:48

Whatthefnow · 23/04/2023 10:42

I buy new bras quite often as I have big boobs and they lose the will to live under the pressure. Knickers, never as I don't wear them.

No knickers?? Ever?

LeilaDarling · 23/04/2023 10:49

Tescos bras are really reasonable and good 😊, got a 2 pack for about £10 and they wash well. (T shirt style with underwire).

Catsmere · 23/04/2023 12:49

I don’t wear bras, and buy new pants and socks when the old ones are wearing out and I can find replacements I like that aren’t expensive. I just had to replace the last of my old Explorer socks that I’ve had at least a decade and probably more. Those things were tough.

When my socks and pants are worn out they go in the recycle bin.

FelicityFlops · 23/04/2023 12:52

When I need to, although I seem to have a surplus at present, so probably not this year.

Eyesopenwideawake · 23/04/2023 12:53

I'm with @Whatthefnow - never wear knickers. I buy a three pack of bras from Primark about twice a year.

Doyouthinktheyknow · 23/04/2023 12:55

Knickers maybe every 2 years, bras about the same. I wear bra tops, can’t be doing with underwire these days.

Socks as required. I’m currently wearing bed socks I stole from dh when we moved in together in 1996😍 They are so warm and still haven’t found anything to match them!

PonyPatter44 · 23/04/2023 12:58

I love new underwear. My bras are under serious pressure because of my large boobs, so they do break from time to time. I like nice sets as well so I do indulge myself.

NEmama · 23/04/2023 13:10

Bras at least once per year as hefty bosoms need good support

TheSunnySide · 23/04/2023 13:16

I have re-read my OP and realise it sounds like I am saying ‘can you tell me where I can get my hands on your old bras’ 😩🤣

OP posts:
GladAllOver · 23/04/2023 13:49

Only have two bras, one dark one light but they are years old because I rarely wear them. Pants replaced when needed, only worn under revealing clothes.

cliftonbear · 23/04/2023 17:22

I buy five new pairs of underwear from victoria secret every year. Not sure why this is a tradition but it’s one I stick to!

SirVixofVixHall · 23/04/2023 17:24

Curlyfluff · 23/04/2023 10:48

No knickers?? Ever?

That was going to be my response too.

Capitulatingpanda · 23/04/2023 18:15

I'm considering buying new knickers at the moment as some of mine are a bit worn, I would guess that they're about 12 years old.

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