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Passport WWYD

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Chittering · 18/03/2023 15:37

We are going on holiday to Greece in the summer and returning on the 17th August. My kid's passports run out on the 7th December so they are fine but only just. I was planning to get them renewed so that I had no worries but now I've heard about the strikes and am thinking that sending them off could be a bad idea. Just wondering what others would do..has anyone had any problems with being just over 3 months? They will be about 3 months and two weeks on them
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WhoAmIWhoAmI24601 · 20/03/2023 16:37

GCMM · 20/03/2023 16:19

I sent off my daughter's passport renewal at the end of Dec and only got it back a week or so ago...

Conversely I sent mine for renewal on 27 February and I had the new passport in 12 days. But both of our experiences are irrelevant now the industrial action has been announced.


Walkacrossthesand · 20/03/2023 17:11

@BlueHawaii I fear you're only ok for travel up until end April if your passport 10 year anniversary is end July - the extra 9 months to April 2024 isn't recognised, by the EU at least, and is exactly the reason why people are turned away at the airport Confused


Idtotallybangdreamoftheendlessnotgonnalie · 20/03/2023 17:17

Livelovebehappy · 18/03/2023 18:01

But everyone will be thinking the same and sending off for renewal today, because we're British. We panic. So they will probably be swamped now and will have huge backlogs...

Literally what I've done for my kids passports for our August holiday. Luckily my and my partner's are in date for another year. Apparently last week the lead time was mid-May.

If I was within restrictions there would be no way I'd renew just for shits and giggles!


BlueHawaii · 20/03/2023 18:49

I think the Foreign Office guidance is clear though-you can go to the EU up until the day before your passport is 10, but you have to have a min of 3 months on the expiry date left on the day you leave. I think there was an amendment to the wording which has now made it clearer (must have been really bloody confusing before on that basis!). I think Simon Calder/ The independent had a few articles about it and I'm hoping that makes it clearer...I think I'm ok (I hope I'm ok!). Stressful isn't it!!


CocoFifi · 20/03/2023 18:52

Your passport must be: issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (check the 'date of issue') valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the 'expiry date')


Damianoandvic · 20/03/2023 21:38

Having the same dilemma here, except my son's passport will have 3 months and 4 days left on our return date. I really can't decide whether to renew now and risk it being lost in the passport office or just hope for the best at the airport. I know you only need 3 months but is 3 months and 4 days pushing it?


Muchtoomuchtodo · 20/03/2023 22:58

If I didn’t need to renew I definitely wouldn’t atm.

dc got back from a school trip late on Friday. Their passport expires at the beginning of October and we want to go to France in august. We did the online renewal yesterday and posted the old passport today. I couldn’t have done it any sooner but now I’m worried that it’ll get caught up with people panicking.


BashfulClam · 20/03/2023 23:11

Littleoxforddictionary · 19/03/2023 18:45

Slightly off topic but how on earth can the staff all afford to strike for five weeks? That is a lot of time without pay.

It said in the article I read that the union have a fund that will ensure they get full pay for 5 weeks.


Volhhg · 20/03/2023 23:12

I would renew now, it's very unlikely you wouldn't get them back before August. Do it tomorrow. I've been pulled up for my kids passports with less than a year on from issue date. Polish border did not like less than a year on child's passport! Greek borders generally quite touristy so probably much more likely to stick to the rules though


BashfulClam · 20/03/2023 23:12

This is what I read…

Passport WWYD

BlueHawaii · 21/03/2023 22:41

I emailed the Cypriot Embassy in London to check and they confirmed that the passport is good to travel with so that's a relief!! Maybe do the same for those that are having a stress!


OneFrenchEgg · 26/03/2023 17:18

So it's taken a week to be approved -Sunday online application, email today to say it's been approved and will be sent out.

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