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To ask what you do for a living if you genuinely love what you do?

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waterfallswillfindyou · 23/01/2023 21:32

Like many people, I'm not fulfilled by what I do for a living. At all.

I was chatting to a doctor the other day who loves what she does - even with all the crap that NHS staff put up with - and it really hit home how I've never had that feeling. Work has always been a means to pay the bills. The money is nice, but I'm starting to struggle with not finding it rewarding, and am considering taking a pay cut for job satisfaction.

If you actually love your job - you're not just doing it for money - what do you do, please? And is it the role you actually love or the employer? (I have been wondering if working for a charity I believe in might be the answer, and am doing the sums to see if I could afford to live on third-sector wages.) I feel stuck, and I'm looking for inspiration to start researching a career change.

(Even if it's not something I can actually do, still interested in your answers. I've spent my whole adult life expecting everyone to be miserable at work, and now I'm wondering if that doesn't have to be true.)

OP posts:

derekthe1adyhamster · 23/01/2023 21:33

I'm a matron in a boarding school. I love my job. Would I do it if I didn't have to? probably not,


Janedoe82 · 23/01/2023 21:34

Charity manager. On 50k. So quite good. It is generally rewarding, but sometimes sad and I need time on my own to unwind.


OvertiredandConfused · 23/01/2023 21:34

I’m a charity CEO in the health sector. I work hard and need my salary. If I didn’t need the money I’d still do it!


Iamuhtredsonofuhtred · 23/01/2023 21:36

Midwife. If I win the lottery I’d still do it


Theos · 23/01/2023 21:36

I’m a teacher. Decades in


CrossbowsAndButterflies · 23/01/2023 21:36

I work in a school, admin management. Love it. Definitely not doing it for the money!


Cuddlywuddlies · 23/01/2023 21:37

I’m essentially a microbiologist in a pharmaceutical company . I Absolutely LOVE my job.


TheMagicDeckchair · 23/01/2023 21:37

I work for a very small firm (around 10 employees), part time as a finance manager. As it’s a tiny firm there’s a big variety in my work- I’m dealing with a new broadband and phone contract at the moment.

What I love most is the fact my boss (the MD) trusts me and lets me get on with the job without interference. I’ve been micromanaged in previous roles and it’s my absolute pet hate. I thrive when I work autonomously. I’ve really grown in confidence since working there.

For me it is the workplace culture that makes me enjoy my job.


Cackawhookie · 23/01/2023 21:37

A psychotherapist in the NHS, I love it


DocCee · 23/01/2023 21:37

I’m a medical doctor and an academic researcher.
Would I keep working if I won a mega lottery amount? 100% yes!


marcopront · 23/01/2023 21:38

I'm a teacher and curriculum coordinator in an international school.
I love it.


Puffykins · 23/01/2023 21:39

I'm an arts journalist, and I love it. (And would prob do it for free if I could afford to.) I take genuine pleasure in arranging words, and I love what I'm writing about (and the people I meet.)


NotRainingToday · 23/01/2023 21:39

I work in biotechnology, making new cancer drugs. As in, designing and creating new immunotherapy drugs (not manufacturing them) that are better than chemotherapy and better than other treatment options.
Quite senior, quite well paid. I love it!


Hubblebubble · 23/01/2023 21:39

Copywriter. It pays the bills and lets me get that creativity out.


DontMakeMeShushYou · 23/01/2023 21:40

University librarian. Certainly not doing it for the money!

Like almost any job, there are bits that I really enjoy and bits that are less great, but overall it's pretty satisfactory.


bloodywhitecat · 23/01/2023 21:41

Foster carer. I would absolutely continue even if I won big bucks on the lottery.


toomanypillows · 23/01/2023 21:41

I'm a freelance theatre practitioner and quite secure at the moment with decent contracts.
I have done it for no money, or not enough money and had to subsidise my salary with other jobs (such as teaching most recently)
But I love it and don't function well without it. Whatever else I do, I always do this as well!


WhinnieThePoohHead · 23/01/2023 21:41

Another charity worker here and I really like my job! It’s flexible around childcare, my boss is lovely, some days are hard but I get to see the (very positive!) results of my work on a daily basis. If I won millions I’d probably still do it, if I won billions then maybe not, but I’d volunteer for them instead :)


yummytummy · 23/01/2023 21:42

i am a prison dentist and absolutely love it, the environment, the people everything! also work for a mobile dental company delivering care to people at home. background in special care dentistry, love it!


Cyclewidow46 · 23/01/2023 21:43

I'm a sonographer and work for the NHS. Like the Midwife said previously, I'd still work if I won the lottery - I love it!


OnTheRunWithMannyMontana · 23/01/2023 21:43

I'm head of payroll for a charity that's very closely linked to a disability I have myself.

I have worked in payroll for many many years in a variety of sectors but this is the first time I have felt supported and that my employer actually understands me. It's a very rewarding place to work and I really do love it. Plus I get to see first hand the amazing work they do and make sure that all the amazing support workers get paid accurately for it!


MrsHamlet · 23/01/2023 21:44

Teacher. Love it.
Hate all the politics though.


sunshineandshowers40 · 23/01/2023 21:44

I'm also a charity worker, based at home, I enjoy my job and the flexibility it gives me (especially around the Dcs).


PinkityPink · 23/01/2023 21:45

Another charity person in a very specialist role. Love it. Earn about 55k.


Shouldbeworkingnotreadingtalk · 23/01/2023 21:45

Poultry and game bird farmer & smallholder. Teaching people skills to live self sufficiently. Would still do it if won the lottery. LOVE IT. Previously worked in events. Covid stopped all that. Blessing in disguise. Now very happy. But skint.

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