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To not understand the fuss about squishmallows

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christmasandsnowflakes · 25/11/2022 12:14

I have a 4 yo DD who is pretty much the target market I think. She loves cuddly toys and does spend quite a bit of time playing with them to be fair.

But I just don't see the appeal of squishmallows! They aren't particularly cute or good quality compared to other soft toys. If I was going to buy DD a soft toy I'm much more tempted by jelly cat or Keel toys type things.

Genuinely want to check if I'm missing something about them that my DD would love!?

OP posts:
Needmorelego · 25/11/2022 12:16

They are really soft and squishy and lovely to cuddle.
That's it really.

christmasandsnowflakes · 25/11/2022 12:18

Needmorelego · 25/11/2022 12:16

They are really soft and squishy and lovely to cuddle.
That's it really.

Aren't all cuddly toys though!?

OP posts:
angelopal · 25/11/2022 12:19

My 8 year old loves them. She has a massive one she uses as a pillow. Her friends really like them still. She has asked for another one for Christmas to add to her collection. I quite like them. Nice and cuddly.

Himawarigirl · 25/11/2022 12:20

They are pretty cute, different sizes and animals and my daughter loved the flipamallows that flip inside out to be two different animals.

longwayoff · 25/11/2022 12:20

Definitely buy your daughter what you would prefer instead of what she wants. She'll always remember it. I say this as a mother who refused to buy a Barbie over 40 years ago. Still reminded once in a while.

motherofawhirlwind · 25/11/2022 12:21

They're on my 15yo wish list!

Brieeeeeeeee · 25/11/2022 12:25

I got one for my 13y niece last Xmas, with an H&M gift card stuck to it 😁 I think they’re cute and thankfully my DS does too so I can indulge

FuckoffeeBeforeCoffee · 25/11/2022 12:26

They've got a different kind of squish.

purplemunkey · 25/11/2022 12:26

My daughter loves them too. They are cute. And squishy. That’s it, that’s the appeal.

purplemunkey · 25/11/2022 12:27

Oh, and they are machine washable.

WingBingo · 25/11/2022 12:27

My DS 9 loves his! Cuddly and squishy

Phos · 25/11/2022 12:28

They're nice. I really want to get one for my 5yo but she's got way too many soft toys already.

Needmorelego · 25/11/2022 12:28

@christmasandsnowflakes they are definitely more cuddly than some other soft toys.
The build a bears tend to be quite solid. Jelly Cat are nice but sooooooo expensive for anything bigger than a teeny tiny mouse. Beanie Boos aren't really cuddly and anything that's a novelty character like a Pokémon or something are usually not that soft.
Of the approximately 5463 soft toys in my house the squishies are my favourites. I can't explain why but they are so soothing to stroke and cuddle.

Idtotallybangdreamoftheendlessnotgonnalie · 25/11/2022 12:28

They're a very sensory, satisfying kind of squish. Kind of like popping a spot or something.

SpinningFloppa · 25/11/2022 12:29

My 8 year old son is obsessed with them, they are cuter than other soft toys I’ve seen so not sure I agree with you that they aren’t and are extremely soft much more so than other toys. He wants loads for Xmas

Needmorelego · 25/11/2022 12:30

@christmasandsnowflakes how can you say they're not cute....

To not understand the fuss about squishmallows
BHRK · 25/11/2022 12:31

They are what the kids want, mine love theirs and really wanted them. Get her one… only little once!

ditavonteesed · 25/11/2022 12:31

Well they don't seem to grow out of them, my 19year old has asked for one for Christmas.

OoooohMatron · 25/11/2022 12:32

My 10 and 12 year old love them. We have about 20 in various sizes, including a giant octopus and a pug it's ridiculous!

haggisaggis · 25/11/2022 12:32

My 20 year old dd has requested one for Christmas...she reckons it will help with her anxiety as they are very 'huggable'

edwinbear · 25/11/2022 12:37

DD is 11 and still loves them, she just had another one for her birthday last month. I've had to buy another two recently as birthday presents for her friends as they are all obsessed with them as well. DD also uses hers as a pillow. I don't think they are bad value really, you can get a pretty big one for £15-£20 and you can easliy spend that on a 'normal' sized Jellycat.

MagentaTulip · 25/11/2022 12:41

They really are very huggable. I’ve got two autistic kids who are very sensory seeking and they love them. The giant ones you can use like a pillow. The smaller ones are nice just to hold. They are cute and, as someone else mentioned, very washable. One of ours got a direct hit during a sickness bug and washed up perfectly.

OopsAnotherOne · 25/11/2022 12:41

I don't get it either, OP. But I'm in my 20s and have bought several for myself. I don't know why I love them, they're just very soft and cuddly. I use them as pillows.

MagentaTulip · 25/11/2022 12:41

Claire’s have some half price today in their Black Friday deal if anyone was looking for Christmas gifts.

RambamThankyouMam · 25/11/2022 12:49

I think it's their collectability that's appealing.

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