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To spend money every day?

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Moneymoneymoneyisntfunny · 29/10/2022 20:46

NC’d for this as I’m prepared to get hounded.

I spend money every day. It’s driving me mad. I’m keep a book with all my purchases in as I’ve been trying to figure out why we’re struggling. I don’t buy anything nice for myself, no house bits, no make up, no clothes (last was a charity shop jumper for £4). Everything seems to be essential. Bread and milk one day, nappies the next. Cleaning things we’ve run out like washing up liquid. It just seems to be constant. I have little DC, so maybe that’s why?

is it just me? Am I going wrong somewhere or is this how everyone lives?

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AdoraBell · 24/06/2023 16:37

Make a list of things that are close to running out, like the washing up liquid. Try to shop once per week for these things to begin with.

Then look at monthly shopping. Look at what runs out every 4/6/8 weeks and sort a supermarket delivery for the first week of each month.

So, fe, toiletries, loo roll and cleaning products first week of July then in August order laundry items. If you can afford it and have storage space try to have a spare for most things so that you don’t run out before the delivery date.

Hoppingroo · 24/06/2023 16:41

I spend money every day too - I’m lucky in a sense there is a big Sainsburys a 2 min walk from my home so I don’t online shop. I also live alone so I find it easier to buy on the way home - I would say my weekly spending on food is about £30-40. Tried doing weekly but often found I’d get bored of what I had bought and pop into Sainsburys to get something I wanted that day so would end spending more anyway.

Hoppingroo · 24/06/2023 16:46

Also I do agree with Monzo app- I have lots of pots. And I put away £180 a month for groceries so it doesn’t matter whether I do a weekly or a daily buy. It just comes out of that pot

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