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Neighbours ducklings all grown up and keeping me awake

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Easterdaffsx · 18/10/2022 22:41

So we are very lucky in that we live in a beautiful rural area backing onto a huge lake . Neighbour has horses and rescue donkeys that are beside the lake (donkeys v noisy but only in the morning) .
There has always been a couple of ducks and usual countryside noises to expect every night
This summer 15 baby ducklings appear
Absolutely gorgeous .
We have watched them get bigger and suddenly they are big
Big and noisy
17 ducks now at the bottom of our garden amd they seem to make more noise at night
We both work long hours and this week they have woken us up every night amd I can't get back to sleep
Winter is coming and the neighbours are seriously fabulous caring farmers so I'm kind of hoping ... well do ducks come into bed in the winter ? Into a shed or coop?
If not AIBU to ask them to put them to bed ?
We are both so tired and it's only Tuesday I'm dreading waking up again.

OP posts:
AriettyHomily · 18/10/2022 22:43

I was expecting something completely different to this!

No idea op, do ducks migrate for winter?

Allthegoodnamesarechosen · 18/10/2022 22:44

Dont worry, they’ll be in someone’s oven before Christmas.

Lavendersummer · 18/10/2022 22:59

Ear plugs?

SnarkyBag · 18/10/2022 23:02

Ear plugs are your friend. We have Canadian geese behind us and they are loud feckers! Don’t hear anything with ear plugs in though

ofwarren · 18/10/2022 23:02

I'd love to have this "problem". Instead I have to hear noisy neighbours talking in the street and car engines.

OhHeyBabe · 18/10/2022 23:04

Hmmm, how close are they? Avian flu is spreading. Are you close to an isolation area?

Saltywalruss · 18/10/2022 23:05

Well, they should be kept under cover in a coop or similar now anyway because of the avian flu lockdown.

HoundHound · 18/10/2022 23:05

Do they need to be penned in now with the bird flu restrictions?

MissMaple82 · 18/10/2022 23:08

Ffs there worse things to listen to

Cw112 · 18/10/2022 23:12

My old neighbour had a duck pond that my bedroom window overlooked. I could hear them especially with the window open but I can't say it bothered me enough to keep me up at night. Usually ducks curl up and sleep at night so they do still quack but not to the same extent as during the day or when being fed. I'd get some earplugs or play some white noise in the background to help you get over.

Georgeskitchen · 18/10/2022 23:20

I live close to a canal which is home to ducks and geese. We do hear them sometimes but never at night. They do tend to move along the canal to the places they know there is a food source (mainly folk with a big bag of bread)
The geese make the most noise 😁😁

DaenerysTarragon · 18/10/2022 23:24

Are these wild ducks on the lake? Or their pet ducks? If they are pets then they should be following avian flu guidelines, but that won't stop them making duck noises. If they are wild then the numbers are likely to reduce due to predators.

DixonD · 18/10/2022 23:26

You’re very lucky to live so rurally.

I wish people wouldn’t move to the countryside if they want to complain about countryside noises. There are far worse things to content with in suburban and urban environments.

I have sheep and luckily all our neighbours adore them, even though they can be noisy at feeding time.

justasking111 · 18/10/2022 23:28

OhHeyBabe · 18/10/2022 23:04

Hmmm, how close are they? Avian flu is spreading. Are you close to an isolation area?

The whole of Great Britain became an isolation area on Monday"Avian influenza: Prevention Zone declared across Great Britain - GOV.UK"

Pixiedust1234 · 18/10/2022 23:31

Ducks don't normally make a noise at night as they are trying not to give away their position to predators. Are they making alarm calls?

AlanThePig · 18/10/2022 23:49

At any given time I can have up to 30 ducks on the pond under my bedroom window. They don’t really disturb us.

firstly, for a wild duck to raise to adulthood 15 ducklings is extremely unusual and quite a feat. Even as protected as mine are here we’ve never managed to keep every duckling, always losing a couple at least to predators.

secondly, ducks are fairly quiet at night except to shout if there is danger. From experience even then they don’t usually quack, preferring to gather together to observe the threat from afar. Females get pretty pissed off with amorous males and will have a shout if they want to be left in peace, but it’s completely the wrong time of year for that.

lastly, if these are wild they will come and go. Ducklings don’t usually stay on the ponds they were born though they will visit. They can become semi tame, one of ours will come in the house, but they remain wild and won’t take too kindly to being herded into a pen every night.

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