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Neighbours music

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Autumnisclose · 17/10/2022 18:06

I don't like noise and pick up on sounds that probably don't bother most, so I'm trying to gauge whether AIBU on this one.

We live in a detached house, the neighbours house is divided into flats and probably about 6ft from our house. New tenants moved in a few weeks ago and they play loud music for hours at a time. The base carries through the house and makes me want to tear my ears off. Saturday was 10-4pm, Sunday the same and then every night from 6-8ish. As you can see it's not late , but I still find it very anti social.

I wouldn't mind if it was occasional, but it's the frequency that's peeing me off. I have the landlords number so I am on the verge of complaining. I'm just trying to work out whether I need to put up with it.

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WhenDovesFly · 17/10/2022 18:12

If It's that bad it must be annoying the tenants in the other flat(s) even more. If you don't feel up to talking direct to the tenants can you send an anonymous note asking them to dial down on the bass a bit? If that's unsuccessful then contact the landlord with a diary of what's happening, how it's affecting you and how many hours at a time and request they ask their tenants to turn it down a bit.

Autumnisclose · 17/10/2022 18:18

I think the neighbour upstairs must be bothered about it, but I dont know. We've started keeping a diary. I just didn't know if it's one of those things if you live in a built up area and it's in the day time.

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Darkstar4855 · 17/10/2022 18:49

Why not just ask them to turn it down a bit?

Autumnisclose · 18/10/2022 22:39

I have but they continue. I just don't know if I should tolerate it as it's in the day time.

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echt · 18/10/2022 22:42

Autumnisclose · 18/10/2022 22:39

I have but they continue. I just don't know if I should tolerate it as it's in the day time.

It's a myth that noise is OK between certain times and you must put up with it. ANY noise can be a nuisance by virtue of repetition/length of times/volume.

BalmyBalmes · 18/10/2022 22:48

I would speak to the other neighbours to see how much it's disturbing them. Can you get several households to complain to the tenant and landlord together?

We had a (detached) house in our street a few doors up from us where the teenage son used to play drums for several hours every day from he came in from school. The neighbours either side and across the road all went round and complained together. Never heard a peep after that!

mumofninetofive · 18/10/2022 22:51

Quite simply bass, only needs a low amount of energy to travel and looses very little traveling through walls, glass ect and is often amplified through harmonics. Plus you actually feel bass, as well as hear it.

As others have already mentioned, if you look at anti social behaviour, it states that it is anything that spoils your enjoyment or life within your home. There is no time this is allocated too, so if it is upsetting you no matter what time of day and night and it is spoiling the enjoyment of your home you have a legitimate and legal recourse to have it investigated and delt with.

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