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To ask what’s in your survival bag?

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50shadesofmagnolia · 17/10/2022 13:19

I wanted to buy a unique present for my friend. We are in our 40’s both full on jobs what should I put into a little bag that could save your day? Im thinking safety pins, plasters, phone charger? but what else? What would you put in yours? Im
wondering if there is a common list or are we all looking for different things

Im also thinking a bag for the car what would go in there- power pack for phone, blanket.

bonus points for ecological credentials

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Glorieta · 17/10/2022 21:21

I carry a small tin the size of a tobacco tin that has a few each of plasters antiseptic wipes paracetamol immodium cold and flu tabs travel sickness pills safety pins plus tweezers a tiny tub of hydrocortisone and glasses wipes


Blowyourowntrumpet · 17/10/2022 21:21

I think keeping some stuff in the car is a good idea. I'm thinking a powerbank, bottle of water, blanket and some snacks. And some fluffy socks


Beancounter1 · 17/10/2022 21:44

50shadesofmagnolia · 17/10/2022 21:06

Ha this made me laugh, you’re probably right. I’m thinking more handbag. Might chuck a knife in there mind.

There is an old superstition that you never give knives or scissors as gifts, as you are 'cutting' the friendship.
Also, if you give a handbag, purse or wallet, always put a coin in it first, to represent the recipient never running out of money.


Beancounter1 · 17/10/2022 21:51

AffIt · 17/10/2022 21:19

Good lord - have never come across the concept of the OFRS in this country (by which I mean the UK - I had a 'grab bag' which I kept beside my bed when I lived in Japan for earthquake evacuations).

Planning now!

A grab bag is a really good idea, even in the UK. There could be a flash flood, a major gas leak, or a police evacuation, whereby you have to leave your home with 10 minutes or less notice.
Think about what you and your children would need if you had to leave, with almost no notice, for potentially days.
Have all your important documents scanned to the cloud or on a USB, as well as taking the actual documents.
Have some cash.


Lizthelettuce · 17/10/2022 22:04

I would love to put together an OFRS but realistically when will I ever use it? I can see me raiding it for the chocolate and hair bobbles within a week.

As for a gift, for everyday emergencies, my suggestions are:

compeed blister plasters
compact mirror
Nail clippers & tweezers
mini alcohol with mixer
pretty tissues
love to shop gift card


Lizthelettuce · 17/10/2022 22:06

Thinking about it, the closest I have ever come to needing a grab bag was the pre-christmas lockdown in my area in 2020 where I had 5 hours notice to rush 100miles cross-country to be with mum for Christmas, before the 5 mile rule kicked in.

Those were the days, eh?! I’m almost feeling nostalgic…(almost)


JaceLancs · 17/10/2022 22:43

small pen knife which includes scissors
nail clippers
tape measure
needle and thread
impregnated cleaning cloth
thats what I keep in my handbag side pocket at all times!!!!!

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