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To just walk out and leave them all

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Goingforplatinum · 16/10/2022 11:40

I've had enough.

DD2 has been unwell for a week, thought it was side effects of flu vaccine, but could likely be virus or teeth.

She's been a nightmare all week, not sleeping, throwing food, hitting, biting, not speaking to me, just screaming at me, not walking anywhere and expecting me to carry her. I'm trying to be patient as I know she isn't well but it's really getting me down no, I'm so tired and my patience is wearing thin.

DSD9 has now decided she wants to also be a nightmare just to add to the mix and not listen.

DH decided to work nightshitf on Thursday and Friday, apparently to help me out, not sure the logic in this!! But he is here this weekend and worse then the kids. He is getting frustrated as well as I am, but he then starts slamming doors and taking it all out on me. I feel on edge about everyone in the house atm and just say here crying.

WIBU to just walk out the door and leave them all to it???

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youagainomg · 16/10/2022 11:42

Go visit someone or go get a coffee and go for a nice walk.

Tothemoonandbackx · 16/10/2022 11:46

I definitely think you need at least 5 minutes peace from it all. Just tell you OH that you're off out to clear your head, he can look after the kids.

Goingforplatinum · 16/10/2022 11:51

I really want to, but I need a shower, my hair really needs a good wash and I'm still not dressed. I can't move without DD screaming and crying at me.

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