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to get a kitten when we have an older cat?

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LovingLife0 · 15/10/2022 22:57

Will our older cat hate the kitten? Is one or two kittens better? Or is it all pot luck how it works out and if they get on?
Any advice appreciated :)

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Desolate2nite · 16/10/2022 00:23

I have 2 elderly cats. 18 months ago I got a kitten, he settled fine with my 2 old girls but was too playful for them (they were 16 and 17 at the time) so 3 months later I got another kitten. Everyone gets on fine 🙂

Ellmau · 16/10/2022 14:08

It depends. Most older cats, especially if they have always been an only cat, are horrified by the arrival of a kitten, but some will adapt. Anecdotally, (neutered) male cats seem more welcoming than females, and if SeniorCat is female male kittens may work better in terms of keeping the peace. But it really does vary.

Two kittens is better than one so they can play together and will annoy SeniorCat less.

Wheresmywoolyjumpers · 16/10/2022 14:13

Get two - they will amuse each other which will really help.

LeMoo · 16/10/2022 14:19

My elderly cat was fine with the kitten, he was a gentle soul anyway. He was in his last year when kitten arrived and tbh just watched him and would walk away when kitten tried to be annoying lol

OoooohMatron · 16/10/2022 14:24

My older cat was fine. He's a neutered male if that makes a difference. We introduced them slowly and all good he would give kitten a clip round the ear occasionally id she annoyed him. I wouldn't say they are best friends now but they tolerate each other. Also I don't think the nature of the cat with humans makes a difference. When I was younger we had a grumpy old bastard of a cat but he was great with the kittens.

LovingLife0 · 16/10/2022 20:17

Thanks everyone — it’s really interesting hearing experiences

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