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Aibu to take things from outside the clothes bank

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Untamedfemale · 14/10/2022 11:43

Just what the title says my kids need clothes and there are always bags of them outside the clothes bank a lot of people seem to go through them and they often end up on the floor etc so do you think ibu to have a look through and take some.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Mogginsthemog · 14/10/2022 13:21

Sorry, that should read YANBU !!

EmeraldShamrock1 · 14/10/2022 13:21

Many people do OP.

At times the leavers put the clothes outside of the bank for this reason.

They don't particularly care where the clothes ends up once they're reused.

I'm sorry things are very tough.

I usually pass on things through free cycle pages you could try that.

Daisytigermay · 14/10/2022 13:23

Firstly just want to say I am sorry you are in this position but be careful these areas often have cctv and legally you can end up in trouble possibly contacting the charity to ask for donations or posting on local Facebook groups although some people may respond negatively.

ghostsandpumpkinsalready · 14/10/2022 13:23

If I'd donated the stuff I'd be glad they were going to someone who needed it so I can't see a problem

unsync · 14/10/2022 13:23

Are you getting all you are entitled to OP? Being a f/t carer is hard and you need all the support you can get. There's a wonderful FB group called Mobilise link via it's full of lovely supportive people who will listen/help/advise etc. They can help making sure you have all the correct funding and support.

PhillySub · 14/10/2022 13:24

The people who leave the clothes on the ground because the bins are full are well intentioned but round our way there are signs up saying don't leave donations if the bin is full. Technically if a bag of clothes has not been placed in the bin then it doesn't belong to the charity. Technically the people who left the bag can be done for littering. I don't know that what you are doing is morally right. You are cutting out the middle man if you are desperate.

NotQuiteHere · 14/10/2022 13:28

spiderontheceiling · 14/10/2022 11:50

I donate to these "bins" as it is often more convenient that going to a charity shop (pedestrianised town centre) and I want to help someone in need. If you happen to be that person in need, then I'd be quite happy for you to take it.

Exactly this

Poetnojo · 14/10/2022 13:28

If I had donated the clothes I wouldn't begrudge someone who desperately needed them taking them, although I wouldn't leave bags on the ground if the bins were full. Could you look on Facebook or something for free kids clothes.

Notjustabrunette · 14/10/2022 13:28

We have a local facebook group where people giveaway things for free. People often give away kids clothes and toys etc. is there something like this in your area, or you could start one up?

Snoredoeurve · 14/10/2022 13:29

Untamedfemale · 14/10/2022 12:04

thanks will definitely check it out

I really wouldnt take things, all recycling centres and clothes banks have CCTV to stop fly tippers and theft.
A woman was prosecueted for theft here, she took bags of clothes and sold them

Userno64473836326 · 14/10/2022 13:30
  1. you wouldn't know what's inside each bag or if it's suitable
  2. there are charities, often church ran who take donations of clothes and give out to families in need.
OMG12 · 14/10/2022 13:30

I put stuff in these bins, if someone needs the clothes for their kids I’d be happy they had taken them

Daisy38 · 14/10/2022 13:31

girlmom21 · 14/10/2022 12:26

Everyone saying that this is stealing from charity, etc, these clothes are actually just flytipped if they're not properly put into the bins.

Exactly this. If someone is so concerned about a particular charity receiving donations and then getting money from those donations, they’ll put them in the bin properly or hand them into a shop. Leaving them outside and creating a fly tipping problem suggests all they are concerned about is getting the stuff out of their house rather than that charity benefiting from it!

Thelnebriati · 14/10/2022 13:33

YANBU. I never really thought about this before, I guess some people donate to charity to raise funds for that charity, and others to help people in need.

silverbubbles · 14/10/2022 13:33

I do not see the problem with this. Providing you are not chucking everything about and making a mess. They are not supposed to leave stuff out on the floor anyway.

Caroffee · 14/10/2022 13:34

The charities sell the clothing. You are taking it. So it is stealing. This is why I would never leave bags on the floor. If the clothing bag is full, I leave it in my car and try again another time.

Amybelle88 · 14/10/2022 13:35

Technically you probably shouldn't do it as it's the properly of the charity.

However, if you're at a point where you need to go through bin bags outside of a clothes bank in order to put clothes on your kids back then crack on.

Anyone who begrudges your kids warm clothes when you can't afford it probably isn't worth taking any notice of imo.

KirstenBlest · 14/10/2022 13:36

I take them @Untamedfemale . I take them home, wash them and donate them to a charity shop. If they are left outside the bank container, they will get ruined.

ChampagneLassie · 14/10/2022 13:36

My goodness some of these posts. You are in need, that is what they're there for I'd help yourself. If anyone says anything IRL I'd just say you're a FT carer and struggling financially

ihatewinter2 · 14/10/2022 13:37

If I'd donated clothes and someone who needed them took them, I wouldn't be mad about it in the slightest, I'd be glad they'd gone to good use.

3ShotsOfEspresso · 14/10/2022 13:37

Of course you can. If you need clothes and are struggling, absolutely take them.

justasking111 · 14/10/2022 13:38

A lot would get binned, more gets weighed at rag prices and shipped out. Our local FB page we see posts from friends that their mate needs clothes, toys, etc. People are generous in the main.

AhNowTed · 14/10/2022 13:38

Take them.

A lot of stuff ends up going to a "rag man", so get used for stuffing or sent to 3rd world countries.

I'd much rather someone in needs gets use of it.

Surely that's the whole point!

ChampagneLassie · 14/10/2022 13:38

I'd also suggesting posting on your local FB group asking for things I'm sure you'll get some hand-me-downs.

ReadingFestival2022 · 14/10/2022 13:39

Ihatethenewlook · 14/10/2022 11:52

I’d see no problem with this whatsoever. The charities are hardly desperate for donations when they’re letting their clothes banks overflow to the point people are chucking their bin bags all over the pavements. The ones outside are likely to get water damaged or even covered in dirt if the bags get ripped, they’ll just end up going to the rag man if not the bin. I wouldn’t take stuff out the banks themselves, but out of the bags on the floor, definitely.

The charities don't actually run the clothes banks. They're run by textile recyclers on behalf of the charities. The charity whose name is on the bank won't get any of the clothes, but instead the textile recycler gives them roughly 50p per KG (then sells it at £2 per KG and exports overseas).

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