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Aibu to take things from outside the clothes bank

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Untamedfemale · 14/10/2022 11:43

Just what the title says my kids need clothes and there are always bags of them outside the clothes bank a lot of people seem to go through them and they often end up on the floor etc so do you think ibu to have a look through and take some.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Ireallycantthinkofagoodone · 14/10/2022 14:29

spiderontheceiling · 14/10/2022 11:50

I donate to these "bins" as it is often more convenient that going to a charity shop (pedestrianised town centre) and I want to help someone in need. If you happen to be that person in need, then I'd be quite happy for you to take it.

I agree.

SchoolQuestionnaire · 14/10/2022 14:29

spiderontheceiling · 14/10/2022 11:50

I donate to these "bins" as it is often more convenient that going to a charity shop (pedestrianised town centre) and I want to help someone in need. If you happen to be that person in need, then I'd be quite happy for you to take it.


I donate to help people in need. If you are in need and make use of anything I leave I wouldn’t be upset. I’m sorry you are struggling op.Flowers

Comedycook · 14/10/2022 14:29

It's really weird how so many people object to helping one individual real person and think donating to large charities is preferable.

Thegroaninggurner · 14/10/2022 14:30

This lady is obviously desperate so I don't know why some people are being so mean show a bit of compassion.

HailAdrian · 14/10/2022 14:30

If I leave a bag of clothes on the floor and someone takes them, I assume that person needs them and don't really care.

keely79 · 14/10/2022 14:31

Have you tried your local freecycle group? There is an app called trash nothing that brings those groups together and there are often people offloading childrens clothes abd toys for free. You can also post requests if there is something particular you need.

Kokapetl · 14/10/2022 14:32

As someone who volunteers for a charity and has spent all morning sorting clothes. Please, if you genuinely need them, take them!

We've had to bin so many because of rips and stains and so many just don't sell anyway.

If someone who needed the clothes took some I had donated I'd also be fine with this, especially if they were in a clothes bank.

KitsyWitsy · 14/10/2022 14:33

Who cares honestly.

thejadefish · 14/10/2022 14:34

As it's for yourself/your kids and not resale whilst sad that it's necessary I wouldn't have an issue with it, I'd happily give you any bag of clothes that I was dropping off. Have you tried sites like Freecycle or Freegle where people list things they don't want that you can come take away for free? (Usually sofas, or empty jam jars and the like, but clothes pop up too sometimes - I've listed kids clothes before when it's only been a handful of things not worth making a trip to the charity shop for). You can post wanted ads on there as well.

StressedToTheMaxxx · 14/10/2022 14:36

I'm sorry times are so tough for you. Can you go to citizens advice and see if there are any charities that you could be signposted to? There is no shame in it, times are difficult for us all at the moment. And no, YANBU. Definitely not. Although it might be better to go through the official channels.

Greenight · 14/10/2022 14:37

Yanbu. It isn’t actually inside the charity bank (and the banks always specifically say please don’t leave bags). It’s not been properly donated, so it doesn’t belong to the charity, it’s just abandoned in the street. Help yourself. Those that left it there would be delighted to know that it’s found a new owner who can use it instead of being stuck on a shelf somewhere, or worse, going to rag man.

TheyreOnlyNoodlesMichael · 14/10/2022 14:38

YukoandHiro · 14/10/2022 13:58

Yes. You are being unreasonable.

No she isn't. Honestly you lady bountiful types looking down your noses. Gross.

smooththecat · 14/10/2022 14:38

If it’s stuff left outside the bins then fine. The people who fly-tipped it didn’t do their bit and the stuff would be disposed of anyway.

Carlycat · 14/10/2022 14:41

I see no problem at all. If you need them take them

PrincessesRUs · 14/10/2022 14:41

I'm sorry you're getting a hard time op, to be considering this you must be pretty desperate. I often donate via the bins or shops I'd have absolutely no problem at all with you taking stuff - I just don't want clothes that could be used to end up in the bin. Good luck xxx

caringcarer · 14/10/2022 14:42

The people who donated items did not want them. I donate a lot of foster sons clothes. He has grown quickly and not had much wear out of clothing. I stick it in clothing bins outside supermarket. I would be happy for anyone to take any item I had donated if their child could make use of it. I actually think most charities would not mind you taking a few items of clothing if your child needs something and you can't afford it otherwise. What dreadful tes we live in at the moment when so many have to rely on food banks and clothing charity. I donate all school uniform to a church who redistributes it to anyone who needs it. I hope you have found some nice bits for your child. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about wanting to clothe your child. It is not like stealing from a shop because these items have been donated to help out others and I doubt the donors would mind.

littlegingerone · 14/10/2022 14:43

Personally I would be donating clothes for anyone who needs them so if you need them and your kids need them then you are welcome to them. You can always donate back ones that your kids grow out of.
You could also join the freegle app and ask on there for unwanted kids clothes, I move stuff on to the charity shop often but I find the ones local to me are sometimes inundated with clothes and don't want them so I have started to offer them on freegle instead

Greenight · 14/10/2022 14:44

@Untamedfemale sent you a private message

witchesbubblebath · 14/10/2022 14:44

I think this is a nice idea. In an ideal world the OP wouldn't need to do it.
It is technically stealing but I definitely would understand why you did. I've been on my arse and waiting for benefits to kick in and it was horrendous being in that survival mode.
Nothing is a black and white issue.
When I've had zero pennies I've stolen basics from sainsburys because my rent needed paying and I had nowt. Am I proud of it? Nope. Am I ashamed of it, yes for a good while but becoming lesser so because I don't need to carry that guilt around with me.

TeddyTonks · 14/10/2022 14:45

How old are your DC @Untamedfemale ?

witchesbubblebath · 14/10/2022 14:46

My comment was attached to a quote from a poster about taking the clothes and donating a fiver when you are flush. You are doing it to clothe your kids also. Very unselfish

WrongWayApricot · 14/10/2022 14:47

YANBU If it's full sometimes I've left a little bag tied up on the top of it in the hopes that someone that's maybe homeless or really hard up will take it because I know otherwise it won't be taken by the charity shop.

Comedycook · 14/10/2022 14:47

But does anyone actually know where these clothes in the clothing banks end up?

Sallyh87 · 14/10/2022 14:48

Do it, I donate to clothes banks and I wouldn’t care if the charity hands them out or they are taken. As long as someone who needs them, gets them.

Sorry you are going through a difficult time OP.

YukoandHiro · 14/10/2022 15:01

@TheyreOnlyNoodlesMichael there are loads of charity shops that do bundles for £1 or less. There are lots of charities that distribute clothing for free entirely based on need. All local FB groups have people offering bundles free for collection.
Itsnnot looking down your nose or denying genuine need to still think that taking others' charitable donations off the street is wrong.

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