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Klarna and Deliveroo

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SarahSissions · 14/10/2022 11:16

So apparently you can now pay for your deliveroo with Klarna, as deliveroo have looked for ways to keep people buying takeaways as the cost of living bites.

Whilst I am all for personal responsibility and if people want to use these schemes then who am I to stop them. But it just seems to be a really distasteful mash-up.

I would guess deliveroo sales slump mid-end month and this is a way to even that out until people hit payday- but klarna isn’t really regulated and it just seems dangerous.

these firms never do anything to help the customer, it just feels family wellbeing is really being sacrificed here for corporate profit

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luxxlisbon · 14/10/2022 11:18

Already a thread.

Ostryga · 14/10/2022 11:19

I think it’s utterly insane. Getting into debt for pizza?! Very irresponsible and sadly people will use it.

CourtneeLuv · 14/10/2022 11:20

Klarna seems wrong but what exactly should that be doing to help the customer? They are a business, not a charity Confused

PoundOfNesh · 14/10/2022 11:21

YABU to start another pointless thread on this subject

CourtneeLuv · 14/10/2022 11:21

As regards family wellbeing, using deliveroo/just eat etc is a choice.

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 14/10/2022 11:21

I think it’s insane and yes people will use it, I can see already someone feeling they’ve got their kids friends round, their parents always buy your kid a dominos so you feel you need to reciprocate or the “I’m going to treat myself even though I can’t afford it because I had a bad day”
while obviously personally responsibility plays a part it does give vulnerable people a chance to get into even more debt over stupid shit

SarahSissions · 14/10/2022 11:23

I can also see people making the decision when they’ve had a few drinks or at the end of a night out, which makes this very different to most Klarna purchases.

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