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Would you alert everyone in your family if your dog fell and you had to take him to the vet ?

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pollyjolly · 14/10/2022 08:14

I was out with my friend the other day, who got a panicked call from her sister, saying that she was taking their dog to the vet because he'd fallen and scraped his leg.

She also immediately called their parents ( they live together ) to let them know. The dog wasn't dying or bleeding out or anything like that, just scraped his leg.

I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. My friend stressed out completely and had to leave immediately.

I wouldn't call anyone if my child scraped his leg and I was taking him to the doctors or something similar happened, unless it was a serious matter.

I found it strange and over the top. There was no need to disturb the sister on her day out. Sister could have just taken the dog to the vet and explained later. There was absolutely no emergency.

Anyone else find this odd ? Or would you act the same ?

OP posts:
thelobsterquadrille · 14/10/2022 08:15

No. I'd tell my husband and probably my in-laws as they look after him while we work, but I'd tell them when I dropped him off, but I wouldn't make a panicked phone call Grin

FetchezLaVache · 14/10/2022 08:15

Definitely odd! Do they tend to have greater than usual involvement in each other's lives?

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