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To ask how you colour your white/grey hair without getting a badger stripe

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EttieWarbler · 13/10/2022 16:55

After a couple of weeks or so.

Inspiration needed.

OP posts:
Rushingfool · 13/10/2022 17:01

Use root spray in between dyes.

Missmyoldusername · 13/10/2022 17:03

I use that Hair colour root touch up spray for the week before i have to go and have it done again.

saltinesandcoffeecups · 13/10/2022 17:22

Color more often…I’m currently at every 4 weeks

GlassOuijan · 13/10/2022 17:24

I use a temporary red thing that I add to my conditioner to blend the greys away between permanent dyeing sessions.

carpool · 13/10/2022 21:48

I'm just doing lowlights now and have the grey as the base colour. No badger here as no obvious demarcation line, but you have to be ready to embrace a bit of grey to go down this route so it's not for everyone.

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