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To be sad about pp weight loss/ new body

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flatterthanever · 13/10/2022 13:01

Finished BFing DS last year (DD the year before). Have always been slim-ish, gained a bit in pregnancy and boobs gained when feeding (from a B to maybe a C - nothing huge).

Eat / exercise the same as before (both moderate, not consistently healthy or anything) but have ended up maybe a stone lighter than pre DCs. I know this might sound ‘cry me a river’ but I really miss 1) having a bum! It’s really flat now, and 2) having any boobs at all. I think I’m a AA now - really no need for a bra. I don’t think I care enough to pursue surgery or anything, but I care enough that it gets me down a bit. Feel self conscious without clothes. Also a few unhelpful comments from friends and family (not DP before anyone starts slating him. Don’t think he minds too much but I haven’t made a big thing of it bothering me)


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